Theif of TimeWe all know that procrastination is the thief of time, but do our high school students in years 11 and 12 realize that it can also rob them of their best potential? Year 12 in particular is an extremely stressful time with studying, career decisions, the stress of leaving people and places that have been a part of their lives for the past five years, not to mention the decision of what to wear to the Formal and of course, the final exams.

The HSC is just that: the High School Certificate.  It is an exam to test the accumulated knowledge that the students have gained throughout their high school years.  It is not an exam that tests what they did in year 12.  The prescribed texts in English are a vehicle to enable the students to show the examiners their skills in analyzing, interpreting, putting forward and justifying ideas and in writing coherently and succinctly.  The three terms in year 12 are better spent consolidating these skills rather than trying to learn them.

As a tutor of Hsc English I have often had students who struggle to organize their ideas,to
write a structured essay, who have difficulty in seeing connections that allow for a richer understanding of the topic they are studying. As a tutor I believe that all students are capable of learning these skills. As my cousin once told me, nothing is impossible, but miracles take a little time.  That very time which is in such short supply in year 12!  As a tutor I would encourage all students who are now in years 10 and 11 to consider their strengths and weaknesses in English,look at their report cards, talk to parents and teachers honestly and seriously consider starting tutoring sooner rather than later.  Give yourselves the best possible chance. It may never be too late to learn, but it’s never too early to start.

So don’t procrastinate. Do it now!