About Us

Nepean Tutoring’s mission is simple. To help students thrive.

If your child’s love of learning is stifled by the mainstream system, or they are having problems in certain areas, we can help them to become confident and engaged learners.

Our holistic approach bridges the gap between school and home learning. This can take enormous pressure off a parent or carer who worries that their child is having trouble shining in a system that encourages ‘sameness’.

Embracing difference

The individual learning style of each child is at the forefront of our teaching philosophy which focuses on each child’s unique learning styles. A focus on a positive mindset allows students to gain confidence and the self-belief as they work towards achievable goals.

And we know it works. Our referrals, testimonials and continued relationships with hundreds of families tell us so. Every success is a celebration for the child, the family and for our wonderful tutors who take enormous pride in helping your children thrive.

Our background and our present

Nepean Tutoring launched as a solo venture in 2012 with a vision to support the educational needs students in the local Penrith and Lower Mountains areas. From these humble beginnings we’ve grown into an award winning business with 60+ active tutors, four administrative personnel and the ability to tutor up to 260+ students at present and we continue to see awesome growth as each year unfolds.

We are now privileged to work with Government Agencies and NGOs as well as supporting the learning needs of children undergoing, or recovering from, medical treatment through referrals from Occupational Therapists at various hospitals. We also have a team of Special Education personnel to provide specialist tutoring for children with a range of learning challenges.

How we work

Our number goal is to foster a desire for learning by encouraging creativity and individualism. Each of tutors is mentored to adopt this model of learning into their lesson preparation so we don’t simply leave a child with improved grades, but the understanding that learning can become a lifelong pursuit.

Your child is encouraged to be curious and take risks to help them gain confidence while moving within the scope of the NESA curriculum guidelines.

Our first objective is always to understand a student’s strengths and unique learning needs along with the gaps in their understanding of key concepts. We fill the pieces of the puzzle so that the content taught in school is more meaningful and readily understood.

The relationship between child and tutor is key

Our team of tutors have diverse backgrounds and professional experiences. They might be students who have recently completed their HSC and are now studying in a subject-related field or working to gain a teaching qualification. Others are classroom teachers, experienced tutors or university lecturers.

Our Philosophy

Central to our philosophy is the belief that tutoring is a heart-centred business. Taking time to know our students, listening to parent’s concerns and doing our best to work with compassion and respect are the most significant values we bring to our role as your child’s tutor.

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Most importantly, our tutors are as diverse and individual as our students. The right ‘fit’ between tutor and child is as important to us as the level of skill of knowledge.

All tutors have Working with Children Checks and are carefully chosen for their suitability to work within our philosophy of teaching and learning.

Connecting through continual learning

We embrace our social media platforms and blogs as important channels for keeping everyone connected: parents, students, tutors and our own management team.

Continual learning and sharing should be a way of life – not just preparation for a chosen career. True success for us is knowing that we have helped to instil a desire to learn and grow in every child who joins the Nepean Tutoring family.

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