We hand pick our tutors for their ability to inspire and mentor.

Our team of tutors are a diverse group of educators who come from a variety of backgrounds and teaching and learning experiences.

We have made it a priority to offer clients a particular cohort of tutors, with various areas of expertise to meet the differing needs of our students and budgets of our clients.

Our tutors are selected for dedication, their experience and their expertise.

Tutor with First year university student

First year Uni students

When one of our students demonstrate a particular flair for a subject during their HSC year of study, they might be approached to join the tutoring team in their area/s of study. Such tutors bring a fresh approach to their role as they can identify the difficulties a student may encounter from their own recent experience. This is particularly relevant for students struggling with subject content as well as the motivation required to reach goals during their Secondary Education years. They are tutors who are A+ students in terms of the grades they achieve and have reached a band 5 or 6 in the subject in which they tutor.

Specialist tutoring

Subject Specialist Uni Students

These tutors are students who specialise in a particular area of study which gives them the expertise to impart high level knowledge to their role as tutors. They will have also reached a band 5 or 6 in the areas in which they tutor as well as ATARS in the high 80s and above. Areas may include Mathematics, Science, English and other areas of the Humanities. Their experience assists them to mentor or coach students throughout difficult periods of their learning journey as well as provide excellent expertise in areas of content in their

specialist area of interest. Organisational strategies and study skills are included in the repertoire of areas in which they assist their students.

Tutor with young boy

Early Years Teachers

Teachers who specialise in teaching children from Pre K – Year 3 form a valuable part of our team. They assist little ones with the development of phonics for Literacy development and number and spatial sense for Numeracy. Early Year Teachers are valuable members of our team as they set the foundations for success before young students become overwhelmed with their learning.

Tutors with Honour or PHDs or working toward

These highly experienced members of the team often work with our HSC candidates in higher level areas of study. They understand the depth of study required to achieve high ATARS. They are also excellent coaches and mentors who encourage their students to set achievable goals and to work alongside students to encourage confidence and self-belief in their academic pursuits.

Qualified and Experienced Teachers

A teacher who has valuable classroom experience knows the variety of challenges many children face with formal learning. This may be areas of enrichment to provide motivations for learning to assisting students with Special Learning Needs such as ADHD, ODD, Autism Spectrum Disorders and students with NDIS funding for a gamut of learning issues. Our teacher/tutors are a dedicated group in our team who understand the demands of the curriculum at different stages of a child’s learning and can adapt and modify learning strategies to suit the individual needs of their students.

In addition, they can range from qualified beginning teachers to those with 40+ years of experience who are semi-retired yet wish to continue to utilise their skills to help children gain confidence as learners.

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