As a major form of communication, reading has been used since the earliest civilizations.  It is how we have found  answers about the past and are able to research topics of interest about the present. It is the greatest form of pleasure for many people and more recently a necessary pre requisite for competent entry into the use of technology. It is no surprise therefore, that reading consumes the largest proportion of class time each day at school and is a necessary skill for success and enjoyment across all other subjects.

Over the years there have been many different changes to the education system’s approach to the teaching and learning of reading. However there is just no way around the fact that we all need to acquire a particular level of skill in reading to survive effectively in the formal education setting and beyond.  For instance, it would be difficult to find employment where reading wasn’t a required  skill, especially when you consider the fact that communication via email has greatly replaced the old practice of verbal communication.

As the digital age begins to dominate our daily lives, the need to read well and to be analytical in that process, is crucial. Whilst it has been argued that computers will replace the need to read or write in the future, it can conversely be argued that it is more necessary than ever before for young people to, not only read well, but to read critically. We have been functioning in the new Digital Age for some time now, and those who reap the most success in that forum are those who can read and analyse material objectively.

If we plan to educate young people to be competitive in a global sense we need to educate them to enjoy the pursuit of good reading and to realize the power of the printed word. It is for this reason that the best gift you can give your child is the power to read.  It is the window to all opportunities of success on the global information market. “Good content” is a new way of explaining the quality of material we read on the internet. It is “Good Content” that attracts readers to websites to find information to meet their needs. AND the most important skill required to gain the most from this shift is critical reading.