online-tutoringWhile Nepean Tutoring is predominantly an “in home” tutoring service, the need to diversify became evident as the business grew and time restraints caused availability issues.  The inception of online learning as an option still met our philosophy of “one to one” tutoring but it broadened the scope for this to take place.

The opportunity to tutor young children in remote areas, young people in the Senior Secondary sector whose timetables often made it difficult meet tutoring appointments and our editing service were able to utilise technology via google drive and add another dimension to our services.  Below is a testimony of how this online service was borne and the success it has bought to the learning of some of the students we work with.


Danuta PaxtonI have been tutoring for 10 years, 4 of them with Nepean Tutoring, and via Skype for over two terms. Skype has been a welcome addition to my tutoring skills and the skills of my students. Most of them are familiar with both Skype and Google Drive and do not quail at the thought of opening laptop to access the information they need. However, since most of the initial resistance has come, not from the students, but from the parents, I thought I would like to give some reassurance. So this message is for the parents.

Recently I had the opportunity to take on a year 2 student. No surprise in that, but the fact that she lives in rural NSW meant that the only way to tutor was via Skype. Now, I had often thought that tutoring via Skype would be the solution to issues of geographical availability and save on travelling time between students. Nevertheless, because the student is only very young, I was a little anxious. Needlessly so. The lessons continue to go well and the student is gaining computer skills as well as improving in numeracy and literacy. This gave me the confidence to explore the possibilities with my other students.

As most of my students are high school students and due to a change in my personal circumstances, I suggested that with the permission of their parents, they try a Skype lesson to see if it suited them. I am pleased to say all of them said it made no difference whether I was actually in their home or on screen. Furthermore, by using Google Drive (which everyone has on their computers if they have internet) I am able to share files and edit them with the students. Whatever either of us writes comes up on both screens and is saved automatically. This works really well especially with year 11 and 12 students. Both student and I can access any changes that have been made on the document, regardless whether the other is on line at the time.

The advantages of Skype tutoring are the greater flexibility and availability of the tutor and the ability to catch up on lessons that have been missed. The geographical location of the students ceases to play a role in availability and travelling time is diminished. The technology is simple and carries no extra cost. The advantages for the student are that their work is always there, saved, so no excuses. The work can be added to and edited by both parties as needed. The student can still see the tutor in a small window and vice versa.

I now do all my lessons on Skype with very pleasing results. I would encourage year 11 and 12 in particular.students to give it a go.

Other tutors are beginning to see online tutoring via Skype and Google Drive as an option. Our plan is to fine tune this method of delivery by a range of tutors and invite you take Danuta’s stance and give it a go. It may provide you with a solution to tutoring your child with some flexibility and utilise the wonderful technology we all have at our fingertips.