It has been over a week since I launched Nepean tutoring. I have had five enquiries and two confirmed students and am very pleased with this progress so far. I have learned so much about establishing a business in the Penrith and Blue Mountains areas and made some new friends along the way. It is exciting to see all the hard work ready to go full steam ahead.

With the clever use of linking social media to the main Nepean tutoring site, I have been able to create a facebook page that is full of a range of great  educational ideas. Just click on the big f button on the home page the Nepean Tutoring my site for access to the page. Each week, I endeavour to research two sites that might be of interest to students. Look for the site that provides recipes for organic cupcakes. The recipe does work  –  they are delicious and just a tad healthier than conventional products.  There are also ideas for writing essays, mathematics games and spelling strategies.

This is where Nepean Tutoring is set apart from some other tutoring services. I will always provide clients, and those who are simply looking for updated information on educational strategies, with current ideas for you to consider. AND of course there will be sites that are simply for fun because the whole process of learning should be enjoyable and engaging.  I do not espouse to high rates per hour for you or your child to join a group of learners.I  strongly believe in the power of One on One tuition where a working relationship with clients can be built around specific learning needs and preferences.

As first term closes, keep in mind that Naplan is looming. Nepean Tutoring is available to give your child the confidence they need to tackle this test. It is not always about the knowledge we have, but the way different tests suit a students thinking skills. I have tutors available during the holidays if assistance is required in this regard.

Please keep an eye on the Nepean Tutoring facebook page, make a comment, like what you read and simply enjoy    learning about the world of 21st century education through the links provided.


The Nepean Tutoring Team