Writing in 21st CenturyWriting is a mode of communication used for many centuries. It is a skill where we can demonstrate how we understand something.  It is one way where we can express ourselves, our thoughts and emotions.  It is also an important and a fundamental product of education.  It is a quintessential 21st century skill, every student should acquire.  Supporting students in good writing is very important, because it helps develop students’ critical thinking skills.

With the dominance of technology, writing is simply not an interest to most students today.  It is typically not the first skill that comes to their mind with the availability of the internet and different technological devices today.

Literacy has indeed changed in past century, so has the approach in writing.  Unlike the traditional pen and paper, people now write by texting, blogging and using different modes of communication such as social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and free blog services).

Teachers should engage students in using new technologies for writing.

Nowadays, a high-tech learning initiative is a must.  We can take advantage of these new technologies and incorporate them with writing.  Most students today have at least a Facebook or Twitter account or even a personal blog.  Using such platforms can motivate them and ignite their interest in writing.

Use the new world of digital learning in improving student writing skills
Getting their interest in writing is not enough. Motivating students in continuously improving their writing skills is also very vital.  We can use free resources available on the internet such as web-based writing applications (one good example is Google Docs) or writing software packages  like Microsoft Word that can help them write, edit and review their writing easily.

Good thoughts can come from anywhere, at any time

Most students today own at least one mobile device.  You can encourage students in downloading free writing apps for iPad, iPhone, android devices and other mobile phones.  You can search from a wide variety of available free apps and recommend only helpful apps to students. There are specific apps that assess writing skills and suggest ways to improve it.  These learning apps can guide them in writing and let them practice at their own pace and most importantly at their own place.

Designing a new curriculum to support these new models for teaching

The old traditional method in teaching, writing or any other skills have been proven effective.  But if it’s new technology that motivates students today, then why not use it for learning?  These technological resources available can provide many learning opportunities for students with careful guidance of teachers and parents as well.