We receive lots of inquiries about students and their problems with writing. The connection between the tech age and writing is apt in this instance. We have great tools to enhance children’s learning, however while these tools are a standard in classrooms, how much time is actually spent in the quiet contemplation of writing by pen and hand.

As I search for images of children writing, the most appealing are those taken outdoors surrounded by nature or in a warm cosy corner of a house.  To me writing is an art form and one that has been forsaken in favour of technological tools that  thrill a child’s visual senses. However are their senses being awakened to the detriment of an inherent creativity that lies within all of us.

As a child I was an avid reader and writer.  Without realisation, they provided me with priceless opportunities to grow in areas of self discovery, contemplation and self expression.  As  I speak with parents on the subject of the child’s reticence to write,  I am grieved by the lack of emphasis on this skill in many classroom settings and carry a concern that it is a dying art.

The huge issue however is this; children falter in their enjoyment of writing, they struggle with the development of ideas and an understanding for the structure of writing and how to engage the reader. How does this really affect a student’s performance at school?

For many who read this short expose, they will wonder why it is so important to be a skilled craftsperson of pen and paper writing. My answer will always be twofold. On a personal level, handwriting is a creative act that uses a part of the brain that will be lost if not used. On a practical level, it is the medium by which we expect our children and youth to perform in examinations and thus the reason for the many inquiries I receive on this subject – children struggle with short and extended written answers in pen and paper examinations and how can WE help.

For further support and an understanding about methods you can use to assist your child OR how Nepean Tutoring can offer blocks of lessons to bring the writer in your child to the fore, you will find me excited to discuss this topic with you.  Access the contact form at  https://nepeantutoring.com.au/contact-us-2/ and I will schedule a time for a no obligation call.