Nepean Tutoring is still growing strong with over twenty tutors available to suit the wide variety of needs of our students. We are not your every day tutoring company, but a group of committed educators with different talents, interests and skills who hone these into specific teaching and learning methods for our individual students. While we pride ourselves in the high quality of HSC tutors we offer, we equally committed to provide what I call “multi faceted” tutors who can deliver our younger students in the infants/primary and junior secondary years a service that crosses a variety of key learning areas.

It has become increasingly evident that clients need tutors to be flexible, innovative and of course talented in their teaching craft. Parents/caregivers contact us to express how their child is struggling across a range of concepts in Literacy, Mathematics and other topical subjects. The need for a focus on basic Mathematical and Literacy skills as well as assistance with assignment work and homework in the home can be overwhelming for busy households. It is for this reason that a number of tutors at Nepean Tutoring could be termed as Educational Assistants/tutors who are skilled practitioners and guided by the current needs of their students in a variety of learning areas.

For instance, if your child requires assistance with a Mathematics concept as well as guidance with an assignment in another subject area, some of our tutors have developed skills to cross-curricula teach when needed during one tutoring session. No longer will these tutors teach only one subject, they will cross curricula teach, which is a wonderful asset for students who are struggling in different areas of their learning. If this idea resonates with you and your child’s needs PLEASE GIVE US A CALL!!!
At present, vacancies are filling for the remainder of this term and for Term One 2015. Therefore if you would appreciate a further discussion on this innovative shift in our tutoring focus, please get in touch as soon as possible with no obligation. As many of our regular clients know, I simply love talking about what I am passionate about.


HSC 2015

On a slightly different note our HSC STUDENTS have already started the last chapter of their journey toward their 2015 exams. What we find is the panic button is turned on during February/March when gaps in learning begin to become more evident. At the same time there is a swathe of assignments and class tasks to tackle and this is when the HSC crisis begins. AND what we know is that these problems actually already EXIST NOW and could be resolved with so much less stress if tutoring begins at the start of Year Twelve rather than half way through next year.

The misconception that the hard work can be postponed until after the Christmas break, is misguided. Students in their final year should have already set clear goals for achieving their desired outcomes, have planning for major projects and portfolios under way and developed a clear pathway for their English reading schedule. Mathematics and Science concepts that are troublesome at present need attention earlier than later and reliance on cramming with a tutor in the last months of the HSC year is not ideal. A confident knowledge of Essay writing and analysis of questions should be evident along with the creation of a realistic study program.

By the beginning of February the panic button is in full throttle and the phone calls begin to find a tutor to help play catch up. While this is better than no assistance at all, and our tutors work hard to bring their students the best results possible, an early start alleviates unnecessary stress and makes the process so much more balanced. If this idea resonates with you or your child PLEASE GIVE US A CALL!


Reading Angels Program

Finally, our successful Reading Angels program for children between the years of three to seven is a lovely new initiative. It encompasses a variety of learning experiences from teaching our little ones to love reading books to role play and artistic pursuits. For more information about the Reading Angels program, go to for a brief snapshot of the ideas behind this progressive method to engage our youngest children in learning as a life time pursuit. If you would like to sample this program during the last weeks of this term PLEASE GIVE US A CALL!
We do look forward to the continuance of the wonderful relationships Nepean Tutoring as forged in the community. With three successful years behind us now, our credibility as a leading boutique tutoring agency is evident. Most of all, we are fiercely passionate about teaching and learning and providing your children with quality tutors and teachers. I do ask that you consider the three ideas presented in this article and call us on 0402339217 to discuss any of the above points if you feel we can be of assistance.

Warmest Regards – Ros McHenery 0402339217