ScienceIf you would do a survey about how children find science, almost half of them would say that the subject is either too difficult or too boring.  Many students would question the need to learn it when they cannot use it later in life.

This common misconception of students about Science has been a challenge for teachers and parents as well.  Most students do not understand that Science is very useful in life.  They may understand the basic concepts, but they do not know that studying Science helps them to develop the ability to think logically and develop problem solving skills.  Developing such skills will prove very useful for their future.

Encouraging an interest in science should start as early as preschool. At this stage, children are curious about their surroundings. They explore their environment while playing, and as they explore, they begin to ask questions. They become curious about everything and in their own way they also begin to experiment on things. This curiosity can be used to ignite children’s interest in science. When a child learns to become passionate about science, such passion can last their entire lifetime.


So how do we engage students in learning Science?

Bring Science alive with Technology

Internet can be one of the greatest teaching tools.  With kids having access to new technological devices such as the iPad, these won’t be very difficult.  There are many resources you can find in the internet that can be very effective in teaching Science to kids.  Teachers can use animated science videos found in YouTube or other educational websites to make learning more interesting.   There are also interactive activities over the internet that can make learning more fun.

Organizing field trips at local nature centers and museums

Field trips to children’s science museums, aquariums, zoo or planetarium can help children understand and appreciate nature and the world.

Make science projects and experiments more fun

Kids love hands-on activities.  You can let kids involve in fun and easy science experiments.  There are many great science experiments and fun projects for kids with easy to follow video instructions online. You can let them try these fun experiments at home or at school (of course with proper supervision).

Let kids explore the outdoors with a group

Children would have more fun exploring new ideas with a group of friends or classmates.  Grouping students for outdoor activities or by organizing Science clubs can give them more opportunities of learning.