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What Makes a Learner?

I have always been a learner because I knew nothing.” These profound words were written by Sydney Poitier in his novel “Life Beyond Measure, Letters to My Great-Granddaughter.” If only we all had this attitude towards learning. He poetically writes “I didn't have an...

Learning- An unexpected Journey

Learning – An Unexpected Journey Five and a half years ago, I fell on black ice in England and smashed my shoulder to pieces, which left me in a state of trauma. The loss of my home in rural England, my isolation from loved ones, my lack of income and, most decidedly,...

Do I need a Tutor for my Child?

  The decision to seek a tutor for your child can be somewhat daunting and confusing.  There are a variety of reasons you might head off on the journey to find a tutor for your son or daughter: You may have noticed they don’t seem to be reading or writing as well as...

How to Feed your Child’s Brain

As an educator I have been challenged to take a close look at nutrition and academic performance. It is not that I have been unaware of the correlation between the two, but, my own poor dietary habits over the past months and a somewhat negative shift in my mental...

How to be a Wordsmith

Occasionally you might hear the title of “Wordsmith” to describe someone’s gift as an accomplished user of words. They are those whose writing is eloquent due to the variety of vocabulary they are able to draw on when writing and speaking. Being labelled as a...

Play as a Pathway to Formal Learning

As the New Year begins, I am excited and challenged about the direction Nepean Tutoring will take in 2015. While I am writing this post, I am sitting in a plane in Cambodia, Siem Reap, ready for takeoff to the beaches on the Southern Coast of this beautiful country. I...

Technology – A Grammatical Challenge

In the olden days, although still within living memory, there were no laptops, Ipads or other friendly devices; telephones were neither mobile nor smart and computers needed a whole room to house them. In those days a mouse was merely a small rodent, RAM something...

Insights from Children and Play

It is fascinating to watch a child engrossed in an activity, especially when their creativity and innovation defy our prior knowledge. If we watch without interfering we can find out how the child’s mind works. I have watched a two year old diligently and deliberately...

Writing an Essay

There has been so much written on how to write a good essay, and yet essay writing is still something many students lack confidence in doing. They may understand the theory, but when it comes to the practice the whole thing falls apart. It is undoubtedly a stressful...

Are Secondary School Texts Enough?

No one can deny the importance of appropriate reading materials when it comes to reading books. Much effort is expended by educators to ensure that reading materials for students are suitable in both content and level of difficulty. The emphasis is on enjoyment and...

Individual Development

The new school year is upon us and students are settling in to new schools, new classes, new teachers, and a new lot of learning.  It is a time of year when parents are often anxious about how their children will cope with all these changes and innovations. Needless...

The Skills Involved in Reading Aloud

To read aloud effectively requires skills that need to be mastered. One need only listen to Steven Fry reading ‘Harry Potter’ or Claire Higgins reading ‘Orlando’ to hear how much texture is added to the text by skilled reading. Fortunately we, as parents, teachers and...

Nursery Rhymes Enhance Learning

Nursery rhymes have always put a smile on children's faces. But these fun songs aren't just about entertaining children. They help children develop early learning skills. These catchy tunes actually prepare children for the start of formal education. Nursery rhymes...

When I heard my daughter reading in her room by herself I knew I had made the correct decision to get her a tutor. Her confidence was amazing and her interest to read without the tears was our goal when we called Nepean Tutoring for their help. We are so pleased with the results she is receiving at school and hope this encourages to give tutoring a go. Thank you Ash for your help.

Gemma April 2017   

Thank you to Ros and her tutors for helping my boys through their senior years of study. Ros' advice and counsel was always received gratefully. Our boys exceeded their expectations due to the commitment of their tutors and the work ethic they developed to not leave there work to the last minute but to remain focused and organised. I would highly recommend tutoring in the senior years. It does make a difference.

Marilyn 2016   

Thank you for the assistance with Jemima over the past 18 months. Her time with both Callum this year and Apsem last has been invaluable and I would highly recommend your services for efficiency and professionalism.

Brett - 2017   

I would like to thank Nepean Tutoring for providing such a good quality tutor for my daughter. Antoni was always professional, on time and provided clear explanations to assist in her understanding.

Susana D'Ermilio   

Our son Jacob has been tutored by Robert Tribbia of Nepean Tutoring since the beginning of this year and we are so thrilled with his progress. He was very nervous about being in year 11 and concerned he would struggle with the workload. Meeting with Robert twice a week has helped him stay on track with assignments and be very well prepared for his exams. Robert's broad subject expertise, patience and ability to ascertain the right amount of assistance for Jacob has been integral to his success. We would thoroughly recommend Robert and Nepean Tutoring to anyone looking for specialised or general assistance for their child.

Sharon & Shaun Cameron-Lee Sept. 2016   

After and exhaustive search, I found Nepean Tutoring; Ros listened and understood our needs. The tutor my boys were allocated is experienced, well suited to their requirements, communicates very well with us and has had a very positive impact on their education. We could not be happier with the result.


We are very pleased with the services provided by Nepean Tutoring. Steven Birkett has tutored our son for the past six months. Our son's confidence and self belief in his Mathematical understanding has grown significantly. He has gained skills and knowledge to set relevant, achievable learning goals. Steven is reliable and punctual and always willing to listen to our concerns. We highly recommend Nepean Tutoring.

Anne and Troy   

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful service at Nepean Tutoring. Both Tutors which have come out to help Olivia have been lovely and a great match to her personality. They have been both friendly and professional. The tutoring they have given has been extremely successful and I will not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone.

Kylie Newton   

My son reluctantly commenced tutoring late 2014. He is 14 and thinks it’s more important to focus on football rather than school studies. From the moment we met Ashlea we knew she was a perfect match. She has the ability to communicate clearly and encourage our son to believe in himself. His grades are improving and now shows interest in his tutoring sessions. Ashlea has a beautiful personality and I am grateful she has come into our lives.

Belinda Jennings   

My daughter has been getting tutoring for 18 months now and we have found the tutors to be very professional, flexible and knowledgeable. My daughters concentration and results have improved since we begun at the beginning of 2015. I would highly recommend Nepean Tutoring and its brought the stress levels in our house down with struggling to get my daughter to do homework.

Melissa Cox   

My daughters have both received tutoring in maths through Nepean Tutoring. The service that we received was exceptional – the tutors chosen specifically for the individual needs of our daughters. Ros was a huge part of our decision to go with Nepean Tutoring, she was attentive, a wealth of information, and I felt that she was genuinely interested in the needs we had. Ros was always available to us to discuss future needs or changes, and she worked with us to achieve the outcomes we desired. The tutors were always punctual, professional and kind – highly recommended!


My son Aiden has been tutored in HSC mathematics for the last year and a half, with Paul Geier. Paul has so much knowledge and patience . Paul has encouraged Aiden and helped Aiden gain his confidence back, at such a pivotal time in his life. His dedication to Aiden and helping him reach his goals was more than what we had hoped for. We are very happy with Aidens results. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Paul and Ros for their dedication to Aiden , We highly recommend Nepean Tutoring to anyone who needs a little extra help with their studies . You will find Ros and her team go the extra mile for your children.

Tina Mitchell   

We are very pleased with the services provided by Nepean Tutoring. Steven has tutored our son for the past six months. Our son's confidence and self belief in his mathematical understanding has grown significantly. He has gained skills and knowledge to set relevant, achievable learning goals. Steven is reliable and punctual and is always willing to listen to our concerns. We highly recommend Nepean Tutoring.

Anne and Troy Mathison   

My three children have worked with the team at Nepean Tutoring for over a year now and have really come a long way reaching many personal goals and school achievements. Thanks to all of you for you continued work.


I was referred to Nepean Tutoring by a friend who was really happy with the service they provided. Nepean Tutoring is operated in an organised and professional manner. Ros is friendly and supportive and keeps the lines of communication open with regular emails or texts. The online payment option is so handy. Shaun has been tutoring my son for some time and is an excellent role model for him. Shaun knows his maths, is friendly and reliable, providing clear and straightforward guidance in a relaxed and informal manner. Shaun is someone that can relate easily to teenagers and can also inspire teenagers. My son enjoys his tutoring, his knowledge and understanding of the subject has improved so much. He has even referred Shaun and Nepean Tutoring to school friends.

Ronelle Kidd   

The best thing about Nepean Tutoring was the fact that they allowed me to choose the tutor that would best suit my child. I wanted the option to choose someone who I knew my child would respond and relate to the best. Ros from Nepean tutoring achieved that perfectly by placing us with the tutor that she did. I have the flexibility to choose which ever topic or area we feel the boys need most and the tutor’s provides exceptional tutoring in all areas. Carlo is never late, he is super polite and well worth the money spent to ensure the boys stay on top academically.

I was recommended Nepean Tutoring and I would definitely further recommend Nepean Tutoring.


Our daughter (year 5) is being tutored by Rowena this year in maths. Rowena has been great with Chloe, she takes the time to explain the work in a way she understands. As a result of Rowena’s encouragement and help,Chloe has become more confident with her studies and this is now being reflected at school. I am very happy to recommend Nepean Tutoring.

Fiona Collins   

Paul Geier has tutored my daughter for the HSC this year. I am very happy with the progress she has made. Paul is a patient and understanding teacher who has given confidence back to my daughter at this important stage of her education.


My son Mitchell has been tutored in HSC English for the past year and we are extremely happy with Danuta his tutor. With her easy to understand, friendly approach to teaching, and in a one on one learning environment, Mitchell relates very well to her & feels very positive towards his learning, which is already a huge improvement in him. He’s actually enjoying & understanding poetry for the first time, which is very surprising to us. Danuta has also been very flexible with tutoring days & times, on the odd occasion that sickness or other issues have come up, which has been very helpful.We are also very satisfied with Ros’ prompt responses to any issues we’ve had, and her efforts to find the right Tutors & timetables to suit both of my children, are greatly appreciated. Nepean Tutoring is a very professional company & I would highly recommend them.


Ros has been tutoring my son for the past year so he could keep pace in the classroom. Ros has a great insight into what he needs to fill gaps in his learning. She has really creative ideas to keep him interested and he always looks forward to his tutoring sessions. One of the most positive aspects of her tutoring is that he enjoys his homework and is happy to try hard rather than give a mediocre effort. Highly recommended.


Thank you for your service this year, Sean has been fabulous in getting Peter up to date with his maths and has provided him with good advice with regards to study.


Thank you for arranging Justin to tutor Lachlan and Rhiannon. I am very happy with both their half yearly maths results, Lachlan achieved 95.3% and Rhiannon 98.8%. Many thanks to Justin for his professional manner and expertise. He was great with both the kids – highly recommended.


We have been with Nepean Tutoring for many years and as a busy working mum have loved the process of being matched with a tutor who can come to my house and offer one on one support. I have always entrusted Ros’s judgement for picking the right tutor and she has matched my son with two amazing tutors that have seen him excel in Maths. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nepean Tutoring.

Alicia Gillard