Helping students achieve tomorrow's goals, while learning skills for life

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We encourage students to embrace their strengths and be courageous in overcoming obstacles so they can achieve their goals.

Our private tutors don’t simply help your child to improve their grades. They encourage a love for life-long learning through creativity, curiosity and individuality.

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We understand that everyone learns differently. Our expert tutors work one on one to help each student find their own learning style and become confident, engaged learners. Our services cover a wide range of subjects and needs from the early leaning years to senior studies.

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Our tutoring team is our ‘bricks and mortar’. Every tutor is trained to set achievable goals and utilise skills that build trust and self-belief. Our Team members are authentic individuals who bring a variety of their own learning experience to their role. We consider each of them to be an excellent role model and mentor.

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Education is an an ever evolving subject. Our blog stories often reflect a tutor’s personal journey of teaching and learning. Or they may present our views on a particular topic that is relevant to our students and families. Your comments and feedback are always helpful and appreciated.

I was referred to Nepean Tutoring by a friend who was really happy with the service they provided. Nepean Tutoring is operated in an organised and professional manner. Ros is friendly and supportive and keeps the lines of communication open with regular emails or texts. The online payment option is so handy. Shaun has been tutoring my son for some time and is an excellent role model for him. Shaun knows his maths, is friendly and reliable, providing clear and straightforward guidance in a relaxed and informal manner. Shaun is someone that can relate easily to teenagers and can also inspire teenagers. My son enjoys his tutoring, his knowledge and understanding of the subject has improved so much. He has even referred Shaun and Nepean Tutoring to school friends.

Ronell Kidd

After and exhaustive search, I found Nepean Tutoring; Ros listened and understood our needs. The tutor my boys were allocated is experienced, well suited to their requirements, communicates very well with us and has had a very positive impact on their education. We could not be happier with the result.


I would like to thank Nepean Tutoring for providing such a good quality tutor for my daughter. Antoni was always professional, on time and provided clear explanations to assist in her understanding.

Susana D'Ermilio

Thank you for arranging Justin to tutor Lachlan and Rhiannon. I am very happy with both their half yearly maths results, Lachlan achieved 95.3% and Rhiannon 98.8%. Many thanks to Justin for his professional manner and expertise. He was great with both the kids – highly recommended.


Altitude Awards Finalist 2018
Local Business Awards Finalist 2018

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