About Us

Our philosophy is centred on the belief that all children deserve the best opportunity to achieve their goals and dreams.

Nepean Tutoring began as a solo venture by the Principal Tutor, Ros McHenery, in February 2012. Since then the business has gradually expanded due to the continued need for quality home-tutoring and now utilises the services of up to seventy tutors across all grades and across a large range of subject areas.

Ros McHenery has had twenty years of experience in the education field. Throughout this time she has worked as a classroom teacher for Infants and Primary grades in both Australia and the UK, as a Secondary School support teacher in Sydney and as a private tutor. She remains involved in the hands-on aspect of the business as well as fulfilling the primary role of Principal Tutor and Administrator.

We strongly believe that learning needs to become an intrinsic act where students have a desire to learn rather than a forced activity that stifles their creativity and focus.

Our first objective is always to understand a student’s strengths and learning styles to help overcome issues that are holding them back from reaching their potential.

There may be gaps of knowledge in a student’s learning journey due to various circumstances. We aim to fill the pieces of the puzzle so that the content taught in school is more readily understood and managed by each student. We also strongly believe that learning should become an intrinsic act – a desire to learn rather than a forced activity that stifles their creativity and focus.

Our team of tutors have diverse backgrounds and professional experiences and have been hand-picked to meet the individual differences and needs of our clients.

Some tutors are students who have recently completed their HSC and are now studying in a subject-related field or working to gain a teaching qualification.

Others are classroom teachers, experienced tutors or university lecturers; each with different levels of experience and teaching styles.

All tutors have Working with Children Checks and are carefully chosen for their suitability to work our philosophy of teaching and learning. This fabulous team of tutors bring to the table their collective body of knowledge and define the Nepean Tutoring brand.

Our Philosophy

Central to our philosophy is the belief that tutoring is a heart-centred business. Taking time to know our students, listening to parent’s concerns and doing our best to work with compassion and respect are the most significant values we bring to our role as your child’s tutor.

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