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Mathematics tutor

Is Mathematics one of your strengths?

Do you see yourself having the opportunity to share your knowledge to help others?

Perhaps you might even see yourself as an emerging Mathematics teacher. THEN READ ON!!!

Nepean Tutoring has had great success with providing tutoring opportunities for students in Year 12 who have completed their Mathematics component of the HSC at a 2 unit or Mathematics extention 1 or 2 level. We find that such students understand the rigors of the HSC content, are fresh with knowledge from receiving great results and understand how to break concepts into teachable parts to give confidence to other students. If you feel you are positioned to be able to tutor students in Secondary Mathematics, please contact us to organise an interview.

We offer excellent hourly rates for students, flexible working hours and a supportive working environment.

Minimum commitment is 2 hours per week and and a maximum of four.


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