Our rates reflect the qualifications and experience of each tutor as well as their experience and expertise. These unique skills are reflected in their hourly rate and discussed more thoroughly during your initial consultation.

The following is a guide:

Year 12 and First and Second Year University students: $65 per hour

Third Year University Students, Master’s Degree candidates and experienced Teacher’s Aides $70 per hour

Qualifed Teachers with up to 3 year’s experience $75.00 per hour

Qualifed and experience teachers with 4 years experience and beyond $80 per hour

Highly skilled tutors with a variety of experience and educational qualifications $85 per hour


Families with more than one child can discuss payment options that might include 45 minute lessons per child.

Families with three to four students can engage the services of a tutor for two hours and share the time each week with the students who are having the most need.


Contact us now for a free consultation to discuss your child’s needs.

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By Phone

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Educational Consultant
0402 339 217

Jelena Giles
Administrative Director
0407 239 253