Numeracy and Mathematics  – Early Years to Senior

“Mathematics is like going to the gym for your brain. It sharpens your mind”.

The way a child is taught Mathematics can forever influence their interest and confidence in the subject. It’s so important that kids are truly engaged while they learn, beginning with the earliest years.

Our tutors are selected for their ability help students do more than pass exams. They share their enthusiasm for numeracy and maths as a life-long skill, essential for thinking about, and solving, real world problems.

While some students question the relevance of Maths, especially in the senior years, our tutors emphasise its role in whole brain development and critical thinking which has far reaching benefits across all areas of learning.

Maths Tutoring for the Early Years

Numeracy – Kindergarten to Year 6

Numeracy is organised into a number of strands that include Numbers, Patterns and Algebra, Data, Measurement, and Space and Geometry.

Each of these strands involves a variety of different learning experiences that help students develop the skills to become flexible, critical and creative users of mathematics.

It’s important to teach Numeracy in a sequential sequence to ensure children don’t develop gaps in their understanding. For example to understand the concept of division, it is important to have a working knowledge of multiplication tables.

A Numeracy/Mathematics tutor will assess a student’s understanding of key concepts to learn where these gaps might occur. They can then focus on those missed understandings so your child can understand how to develop the relationships between the different components.



Maths Tutoring for the Middle Years

Mathematics – Years 7-10.

Secondary school Mathematics relies on the foundations build in the primary years.  Students will be introduced to more abstract concepts and will be expected to have a higher degree of independence over their learning.

Tutors for this stage of a student’s learning are often considered as mentors where they gently guide students in the areas in which they find the most difficult. This is where one on one tutoring shines as tutors assess ability levels and can jump in at the most crucial area of a student’s needs.

These are the years when students may have developed a fixed mindset of learned helplessness and the tutors role is to encourage a growth mindset for future success.

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Maths Tutoring for the Senior Years

Mathematics – Years 11-12

Students who choose Mathematics for their Senior studies will encounter a range of levels from basic to high level functioning Mathematics according to their future career choices.

Foundational concepts may need to be revised or support to master the challenges of Advanced and Extension Mathematics courses my require a dedicated Mathematics tutor to work with a student through this period of their school studies.

Our Mathematics tutors, at this level, are seasoned practitioners whose have experienced the same challenges as their students. They may work or study in a high functioning Mathematics field or be a teacher of Mathematics in school. They are insightful and will meet each student’s own particular learning needs at the most crucial juncture of their education.

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