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Rosslyn McHenery

Principal Tutor, Administration Manager. Infants/Primary
Secondary English to Year Nine

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Rosslyn McHenery has a Bachelor of Arts with a major in History and Education and a Graduate Diploma in Education (Primary).  She has worked as a classroom teacher for twelve years from Kindergarten to Year Six in Australia and for a year in the United Kingdom. Throughout her career she has tutored students at all levels of Literacy and tutored Numeracy to Year Six.  Rosslyn has a particular interest in raising Literacy standards in young people and enjoys imparting her passion for reading and writing to her students. More recently she completed a three year contract with the Department of Education as a Literacy Support Teacher working with at risk Secondary Students before leaving to concentrate on her passion; the development of Nepean Tutoring.

Rosslyn is well regarded for her expertise in essay writing. She is available to assist students from Secondary to Tertiary level studies with learning “the art of essay writing that gets results.”  Proof reading and editing essays is another service she offers to her students.

Rosslyn lives the beautiful Blue Mountains suburb of Springwood and tutors in the Lower Mountains areas of Glenbrook, Blaxland and Springwood and the Great Penrith Areas including Emu Plains and Leonay.

Jelena Giles

Administration Director. Primary Literacy and Mathematics,  Secondary Science, HSC Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science
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Jelena Giles finished a degree of Bachelor of Medical Science and a Masters of Teaching in Secondary Education majoring in Biology, Chemistry and Senior Science. She has an extensive background in science and has previously worked as a Molecular Genetics Scientific officer for Laverty Pathology. She is a qualified teacher and has had experience working with a variety of ages, from tutoring primary students in science, maths and English. This also includes teaching and tutoring science to students in year 7 -10. She also had experience in teaching HSC students in biology.

Jelena’s teaching experience extends to tutoring students in preparation for the Selective School test, university entry STAT test and the ADF entry test. Her passion for teaching and her love for children have been her drive and reason for taking on tutoring. She takes great pride in building a report with her students and finding methods of teaching that suits their style of learning. She is familiar with the current syllabus and is very willing to help any student to the best of her ability. She can also speak a few languages; English, Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian.

Jelena is available to tutor at her Emu Plains home and has limited vacancies for in home tutoring in the Penrith to Blaxland areas.

Jen Vandenbroek

Jen Vandenbroek

Administration Assistant. English to Advanced HSC, Mathematics 5 -10, Junior Science, Creative Writing
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Jen Vandenbroek is in her final year or a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing but has also studied science and maths. She has extensive experience in training and education from various professional fields and a common sense approach to tutoring.

Jen believes that the key to academic success is development of excellent organisational and research skills. As an education and learning enthusiast she can provide support for students across several subjects and age groups.

She is available to teach across the Greater Penrith district, Lower Blue Mountains and Mount Druitt areas.

Madison Hughes

Secondary Mathematics 7-10
Biology, Spanish, Italian

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Madison Hughes is in the final semester of his combined Bachelor of Science and Arts at University of Sydney. His majors are Biology, Italian Studies, Spanish and Latin American Studies. Madison focuses on HSC Biology, Spanish and Italian (both languages from Beginners to Extension), however, he is also happy to take on students from primary/junior high school in the areas of Mathematics and English. After having done some volunteering in teaching English in primary schools in Costa Rica and Mexico during the past year, Madison has been inspired to further his passion for teaching, improving his experience as a tutor. He is very friendly and enthusiastic about teaching in subjects he loves. Through this, he wants to help inspire in his students a love of learning and improvement through encouragement and tailoring to each students’ needs.

Lynette Saad

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Lynette Saad has had over 20 years experience in Primary Teaching. She has experience in teaching all years, from Kindergarten through to Year 6. She is currently working in a local school in the Nepean area, teaching Kindergarten and years 5 and 6.

Lynette has a passion for fostering confidence and a love of learning in students. She has extensive experience in building relationships with both parents and students alike and has worked as a School Chaplain in recent years.

Callum Beaton

Callum Beaton

Mathematics – Year 7 – extension 1
English – Year 7 – Advanced English – extenstion 1

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Callum Beaton has interests across a wide variety of academic subjects and personal hobbies. He has enjoyed playing music as well as playing sports, and so has had to learn to balance these things with his schooling commitments. Excelling throughout his schooling life, Callum has a talent for understanding subject matter all across the board, which allows him to explain things in his own way to any student who needs a different perspective or style of teaching to understand something new or difficult. Currently undertaking his second year of Psychology at Macquarie University, Callum is eager and excited to engage with all of his students on a personal level and in helping them to keep on top of things and improve at whatever stage of learning they are.

Callum lives a Kingswood and tutors in the Penrith, St Marys and Lower Mountains.

Amber Bremner

Amber Bremner

Modern/Ancient History, Legal Studies
Family and Community Studies
Primary Literacy, Secondary English 7-12.

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Amber has a passion for history and literature. She has a Master of History with a focus on ancient Greece and Rome and is currently studying Classical Greek, Latin and German with a view to starting a PhD next year. Her other academic achievements include a Bachelor of Nursing from the University of Western Sydney and a Bachelor of Music Performance with a Classical Singing Major from the Academy of Music and Performing Arts. All of these academic ventures have given Amber extensive expertise in critical analysis of texts, argument formulation and essay writing, skills which she brings to her work as a tutor.

Amber has extensive experience in tutoring high school students including those completing their HSC. She is very familiar with the curriculum and texts used in both HSC English, History and Society and Culture. Amber is also able to give valuable assistance to those struggling with the basic rules of grammar, sentence and essay structure. For Amber, the most important part of her role as a tutor is not just helping her students to get through school but helping them to ignite the love of learning and enabling them to acquire the tools needed to help them continue learning for life.

Waiel Jibrail

Secondary Mathematics

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Waiel Jibrail is a First Class Honours Engineer from the University of Western Sydney, Majored in Electrical and Sub-Majored in Wireless Engineering. His passion lies specifically in Mathematics, Science and Engineering. Waiel is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge, skills and wisdom from his time as a student and a private tutor, helping each individual student thrive in their education. Waiel is intuitive and analytical, making him exceptionally able to understand the areas his students struggle in and choosing the best approach to help them.

Waiel believes that self-confidence and a positive attitude are key attributes students must have to achieve their desired goal in their learning process. So he encourages his students to believe in themselves and guides them to success by reminding them of their true potential. Waiel forms a friendly relationship with his students, making it easier and more comfortable for them to come to him and ask him questions/advice about their studies. Students learn effectively when they are believed in, they flourish when are supported, and they’re happy when they achieve their goals.

Waiel is available to tutor students all around Penrith, up to Cranebrook, down to Glenmore Park, through to St. Marys.

Nathan Wheeler

HSC Mathematics, Physics
Chemistry, Ancient History

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Nathan Wheeler is studying a Bachelor of Ancient History at Macquarie University. He has not just a love for History but a passion and skill in the area of Mathematics and science. Nathan has been tutoring for the past two years since finishing High School in 2013. He has tutored primarily in maths but also in science, physics and history. Nathan has a passion for teaching and helping students to appreciate and understand the joys that can be found in learning, even subjects that seem as dull as Mathematics. Nathan Is able to tutor High school mathematics.

Nathan live in emu plains and so is able to tutor in the lower blue mountains and Penrith area.

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.~ Albert Einstein
Emily Joseph

Emily Joseph

Biology, Chemistry, Maths and English Years 7-10
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Emily Joseph has completed a Bachelor of Science and is currently in her final year of a Masters of Education (Secondary).  She is a self-motivated learner and seeks to impart this quality to the students she tutors. Her love for assisting others in their learning journey began when she was appointed in mentoring roles at school at various times throughout her own Secondary school years.  Emily has also worked in volunteer roles as a classroom assistant and tutor for the past two years across primary grades and therefore offers a diverse skill set in her role as a tutor. She brings an extremely positive outlook to her work and has a lovely outgoing personality that inspires her students to achieve their best. Emily is a gymnast enthusiast and has competed in the sport at a high level for over a decade and now works at training young people to work hard to achieve their dreams.

Emily lives in the Hawkesbury area and is availablet tutor throughout the Hawkesbury and Penirht areas.

Paul Geier

Secondary Maths 7-12
Engineering Studies, Physics

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Paul Geier comes to us with over ten years experience in tutoring students from upper primary grades to first year University Mathematics. Engineering Science, Physics, Junior & Senior Mathematics, including general Mathematics subjects, is covered by Paul’s expertise. Paul teaches and Lectures at Nirimba TAFE & the University of Western Sydney, Penrith Campus, covering all subjects in Building & Construction and Engineering subjects and is therefore equipped to tutor students in these areas as well. He is able to explain concepts clearly and logically and uses a variety of innovative strategies to inspire students to enjoy Mathematics and to improve their problem solving skills.

Paul lives in the lovely Mid Mountains area of Hazelbrook and is available to tutor students as far as the Greater Penrith area including St Marys.

Evelyn Case

Nursah Goker

Infants/ Primary
Secondary Maths – Year 7 to HSC General
HSC Society and Culture

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Nursah Goker is currently studying a teaching degree and through her role as a tutor aims to focus on nurturing children to reach their personal aspirations as learners.  One of her prime objectives is to empower students  to reach their potential and create positive changes within their own lives. Developing a “I can do this” mindset and improving confidence levels are qualities she aspires to reach with her students. While she is still studying in her chosen own field,  Nursah brings an enthusiastic approach to teaching and tutoring.  She is a self motivated tutor who believes strongly in the need to meet the individual needs of her students both academically and emotionally.

Nursah brings a very bubbly personality to her work and is a great communicator who strives to improve her craft by maintaining a high level of professional development through her studies at university and personal reading. She believes that her work as a tutor reflects directly back to her own dedication toward her work and therefore maintains a strong work ethic.

Nursah live in the Penrith area and tutors through the Greater Penrith region and Lower Mountains.

Kara Van der Voort

Secondary Mathematics, Biology
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Kara Van der Voort is a full time university student studying a Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Science at Western Sydney University. Kara is an all-rounder who has a passion for learning, particularly in the areas of Mathematics and the Biological sciences. She has always strived for excellence in her studies, and wishes to instill this drive and love of learning within her students through teaching patience, persistence, a good work ethic and a commitment to study. Kara is a friendly, genuine and supportive tutor who enjoys helping others learn and watching students thrive and reach their full potential

Kara tutors students in Maths up to year 12, primary English as well as Biology.

Kara lives in the beautiful Blue Mountains suburb of Faulconbridge, and is available to tutor in the Lower Mountains and Penrith areas.

Jennifer Carlin

Primary Literacy, Secondary English 7-10
Legal Studies, Biology.

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Jennifer Carlin has completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences with a major in Speech and Hearing and is currently in her second year of a Masters of Speech Language Pathology degree at Sydney University. Jennifer attended Penrith Selective High School and as such understands the standards required to achieve success. Jennifer focuses primarily on high school English and is passionate in this area. She also loves teaching in all areas of primary school education. She is enthusiastic and creates a wonderful rapport with her clients which encourages their learning.

Jennifer lives in Blaxland and tutors in the Lower Blue Mountains and Greater Penrith area.


Asha Vassiliadis

Asha Vassiliadis

Primary Literacy and Mathematics
Secondary English and Maths 7-9
Secondary History

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Asha Vassiliadis currently studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Primary Education and a Bachelor or Education (Primary) at Macquarie University. She has a passion for working alongside each child as they grow through their education by supporting them in all their achievements. She has many years of teaching experience in classrooms as a teachers assistant and draws on a large variety of resources and strategies to meet children’s individual learning needs. Asha believes that academic improvement comes when students find joy in learning through their own motivation. By gaining a strong relationship with each student and learning their likes and dislikes, she hopes to understand how they learn best and the areas of learning in which they struggle. Asha looks forward to every tutoring session as each one comes with a new experience for the student to learn and grow.

Asha currently lives in Cranebrook and tutors in the Cranebrook, Penrith and Richmond area as well as the lower Mountains.

Steven Birkett

HSC Mathematics
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Steven Birkett is studying a Bachelor of Applied Finance at Macquarie university. In his degree, Steven specializes in economics, statistics and financial maths. He hopes to go on to finish a Masters of Applied Finance and go into a career of investment analytics and statistics. Steven has a passion for mathematics, covering all high school levels in his tutoring lessons. From his experiences in teaching others, he has learned about tailoring his approach to suit the needs of each student. He enjoys seeing students flourish to their potential and progressing to confidence in their learning.

Steven tutors in the lower mountains and the Penrith areas.

Tanya Stephenson

Pre School, Infants Primary all subjects
Secondary study skills and Social Sciences

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Tanya Stephenson is a dynamic teacher who started her career in an International School teaching children from a variety of academic and cultural backgrounds. She holds an Undergraduate and Masters Degree in Early Childhood and Primary Teaching and is passionate about providing young children with the best possible opportunity to receive the best education they deserve.  She relishes the challenge of managing a diverse work load as both a classroom teacher and after school tutor.

Tanya sees the importance of establishing supportive relationships with both students, parents and teachers, thus she enjoys working as a team to achieve the best outcome for her students.  She is always engaged in continuous learning in order to broaden her knowledge and experience as a teacher and is enthusiastic about working with young people to bring positive change to those she had the opportunity to teach.

Tanya lives in the Lower Mountains and tutors in the Greater Penrith areas and the Lower Mountains.

Jasmine Marriage

HSC English and History
English/Literacy Years 3 – 10
Essay Writing and Creative Writing

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Jasmine Marriage is currently studying a Bachelor of Secondary teaching majoring in English and History while working in a local school as a Student Learning Support Officer. She has dedicated herself to this work for the past six years, working with children with a range of learning disabilities and challenges.  Within this role, she has learned the importance of adaptive teaching practices and to assist students with amplified learning difficulties. One of her roles has been to assist students with focused learning difficulties to adapt to learning in the mainstream classroom.As a tutor, Jasmine assists a range of students, from those with learning challenges to more gifted students, striving to hone their skills in essay writing  and writing for a variety of purposes.  She is also interested to impart her skills in English and History throughout the Secondary curriculum from Year’s seven to the HSC.  Jasmine believes that it is important to understand how each student learns and to adapt her teaching and knowledge to their needs.

Jasmine lives in the Hawkesbury area and teaches in the Hawkesbury and Greater Penrith regions.

“The job of an educator is to teach students to see vitality in themselves”
– Joseph Campbell

Joshua Williams

Primary Mathematics, Secondary Mathematics 7-10

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Joshua Williams completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences and a Masters of Teaching in Secondary Education majoring in Pd/H/Pe in 2012.He is a qualified teacher who currently works fulltime at a high school in the Hills District and has experience working with a variety of ages, ranging from stage 3 to stage 6. In addition to his main teaching area of Pd/H/Pe, he has worked within the Mathematics faculty for the past year and is currently studying additional units at University to allow him to teach Mathematics permanently in public schools. Josh’s passion for education and interaction with young learners has been the drive for taking up the challenge of tutoring. He is quick to build a rapport with his students and prides himself on taking that extra step to help his students achieve their learning goals.

Melissa Lord

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Melissa Lord works for the Department of Education, and has taught students with learning difficulties requiring additional support and specialised programs, children with EAL (English as Another Language) needs, G & T (gifted and talented) students, and facilitated transition programs (preschool/kindergarten, primary/high school, mainstream/support class).

Melissa has tutored students from K-9 over a number of years and enjoys working closely with students, and their families, to determine the areas that need addressing, and designing engaging and individualised lessons to assist in filling academic gaps.

Melissa lives in Werrington and tutors in the Greater Penrith area, from Emu Heights to St Marys.


Holly Swatridge

Holly Swatridge

Numeracy/ Mathematics and Literacy/English
K – 10

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Holly Swatridge is a Blue Mountains local undertaking the HSC at Blaxland High School. Holly completed the HSC Advanced Mathematics Course in 2016 through the accelerated program achieving an exam mark of 97%. She is a mature, bright, approachable all-round student who has a particular passion for Mathematics. Holly has experience in tutoring students from Kindergarten through to year 10 in Mathematics and was selected as a tutor for students in year 7 undertaking the MultiLit Program (an initiative of Macquarie University to help low-progress readers).

Holly is a patient and friendly young lady who encourages students to reach their potential.

Holly is available to tutor in Mathematics and/or English from Kindergarten through to early secondary level in the Blue Mountains and Penrith areas.

Robert Tribbia

Secondary Mathematics, Biology
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Robert Tribbia lives in Cranebrook near Penrith. He has completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Sport and Exercise Science) through the University of Western Sydney. Robert has also played a high level of soccer during his life which has given him the mindset to excel and continually better himself academically and professionally.

Robert worked as a teacher’s aide in a High School Support unit while studying for his degree. In addition, he worked with troubled young males, worked as a private Mathematics tutor for students up to Year Ten and has also had experience as a Biology tutor in line with his Science degree.

Robert’s aim in life is to lead a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a balance between work, study and recreation. This is a quality he instills in his students as he encourages them to develop effective organisation skills. He encourages students to focus on their own personal development and aims to encourage them to become more self confident and develop problem solving and self assessment capabilities. These qualities, he believes are essential for young people to face an array of life’s challenges.

Rachel Day

HSC Chemistry, Biology
Primary Literacy and Mathematics
Secondary English and Mathematics 7-9

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Rachel Day is studying a Bachelor in Medical Science, majoring in Medicinal Chemistry and submajoring in Microbiology. She strives to guide students to an understanding of fundamental concepts and how to implement effective study and motivational strategies with patience. She tutors  from K-9, and upto first year tertiary students in Chemistry and Biology.

She thoroughly enjoys using a background of high school and university peer mentoring to provide effective communication and patience as a professional private tutor for the last eight months, undertaking a number of students over a variety of ages and subjects.

Rebecca Wahlan

Rebecca Wahlan

Infants/primary Literacy and Numeracy
English and Maths Years 7-8

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Rebecca Wahlan is a new graduate from Penrith Anglican College who achieved a high ATAR at school due to her determination and hard work to always achieve her potential. She was a prefect at PAC and was involved in multiple sport’s activities and charity work. Thus she is a great role model for young learners.

Rebecca is currently studying Occupational Therapy at the Australian Catholic University. She has a strong history of involvement with the YMCA as a dance and gymnastics instructor and sees her experience with working with children in this role pivotal to her newly appointed position as a young tutor with Nepean Tutoring. Rebecca has worked within the business to complete training that will assist her to tutor in her fields of interest. She brings enthusiasm and passion to see children gain confidence to reach their academic goals and brings a mature approach to her work.

She lives in the Cranebrook area and will tutor in the Greater Penrith region, Lower Mountains and surrounding St Marys suburbs.

Alex Carter

Rosalie Hicks

Primary Literacy
Secondary English to Advanced HSC

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Rosalie Hicks has taught a wide range of students of differing ages and ability levels. She has specifically taught English to students from Kindergarten to adult Literacy and from basic reading acquisition to high level essay writing. Her breadth of knowledge allows her to attend to each students particular needs and to apply this not only to the curriulum being studied but to address other learning concerns such as study skills and setting achievable goals.

Rosalie has been working as a one-to-one tutor for fifteen years and brings a thorough knowledge for English grammar and punctuation to her work with aspiring writers and a comprehensive knowledge of the current syllabus requirements and associated texts. She especially enjoys working with students who have become anxious about their studies and who lack the necessary confidence to believe in themselves in order to reach their full potential.

Rosalie lives in the Lower Mountains and tutors throughout the mountains and the Penrith region.

Reena Mukherjee

Reena Mukherjee

English (to Extension 2), Studies of Religion, Legal Studies, Commerce, Society and Culture, Drama, Creative writing
Primary Literacy and Numeracy

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Reena Mukherjee is a local HSC graduate with a passion for all things literature and creative writing. As an Extension 2 English student and professional writer/blogger, she believes that the art of tutoring is founded upon respect, creativity and open two-way communication between tutor and student. Having been involved in a variety of extra-curricular activities, from writing to fencing, she strives to help her students to find a connection with their local community and school, and to immerse themselves in the education that is all around them.

Reena has been a student leader and mentor to younger students during her high school years where she quickly found that she loved the the confidence, joy and self esteem that students were able to find as they became better writers and saw their grades improve. Reena began tutoring whilst completing her HSC and tutors across a range of subject areas and is particularly gifted at encouraging students to become passionate writers.

Reena tutors at the Penrith Library and is also writes blogs for the Nepean Tutoring website.

The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts. C. S. Lewis

Roger Kidd

Upper Primary and Secondary Mathematics 5-10, Science, Geography, History
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With over five years’ experience as a Youth Worker, Roger has a passion for helping young people gain the confidence and agency they need in life. Whatever level someone is on, he believes they can become a confident and capable learner. He tutors from a foundational approach to learning – focusing on the fundamentals and exploring a number of ways to understand them.
Currently studying a Bachelor of Arts with a double major of Anthropology and Geography in order to become a Geography teacher, he loves looking at almost any topic and can tutor anything from Maths and Science to English, Geography, and History.

Ashlea Dale

Primary Literacy and Mathematics
Secondary English 7-12, Mathematics 7-9

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Ashlea Dale spent two years studying psychology before she had a life-changing epiphany about her passion for teaching. As such, she is currently in her final semester of her Bachelor of Arts – Pathway to Teaching (Secondary), and will commence her Masters of Teaching later this year. She believes that instilling a sense of confidence in her students is the key to unlocking their potential. Although she is an English major, Ashlea teaches multiple disciplines and is happy to take on students from Kindergarten to Year 12.  Ashlea tutors in Glenbrook and Blaxland, along with the Greater Penrith district.

James Fisher

HSC Mathematics, Physics, Ancient and Modern History.
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James Fisher is a full time student currently completing a Bachelor of Renewable Energy Engineering combined with Arts at the University of New South Wales. He has a passion for the humanities, and is also talented at maths and science. He primarily tutors HSC students in the fields of History, maths and science, and greatly enjoys tutoring. James is a strong advocate of effective study techniques and is constantly searching for ways to refine both his own teaching techniques, and the learning strategies he shares with his students.
James lives in the Lower Blue Mountains suburb of Mt Riverview and is willing to teach students in Penrith and the Lower Blue Mountains.


Ian Harrison

Infants/Primary, Secondary English and Maths to HSC, Tertiary studies.
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Ian Harrison is a retired teacher who has provided many years of highly accomplished learning experiences in schools and universities. He has also provided consultancy services in assessing, teaching and learning as well as technology applications to schools, teachers, universities and educational publishers. Ian is well suited to providing learning support to students with a wide variety of needs and has a deep understanding of the full school curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 12 as well as lifelong learning strategies.t

Ian lives in the Lower Mountains and tutors in he Lower Mountains and Greater Penrith regions.

Bronte Cattell

Bronte Cattell

Secondary English – Year 7 – Extension One, Primary Literacy, Mathematics Years 5-9, Legal Studies, Modern History
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Bronte Cattell is currently studying at the University of Sydney and is undertaking a Bachelor of Psychology, majoring in Sociology. This choice of study is due to her passion for helping people and she aims to seek a career in which she can empower individuals to facilitate positive change within their own lives.

She began English tutoring in 2015 where she initially worked with students in Years one to four and has subsequently worked with students from Kindergarten to Year eleven in the areas of Mathematics and English at a tutor centre. More recently she has worked at a Senior Secondary School assisting ESL students with their HSC studies.

Bronte seeks to ensure all her students develop a love for learning through gentle encouragement and her ability to mentor young people via her own successes. She has a particular love for teaching HSC English from Standard to Extention One courses with a focus on creative writing.

Bronte live in the Penrith area and tutors in the Lower Mountains, Emu Plains and Penrith.

Tamara Johns

Tamara Johns

Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Maths 5-10
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Tamara Johns is studying to be a Primary Teacher at Western Sydney University with a  major in English and a sub-major in Psychology. Tamara’s favourite subject is English which she tutors along with Mathematics from Primary school grades up to Year Ten Secondary studies. She enjoys reading, story-writing and planning her tutoring lessons. Tamara likes assisting people to enjoy learning because she finds it rewarding in and of itself. She listens and reflects with the students on their work and sets up a plan to make the learning is motivational and interesting. She also likes keep contact with the student’s teachers to make the tutoring more relevant, focused and beneficial for the student whilst keeping up to date with the areas that her students needs improvement on as well as further consolidating the areas in which they have improved.

Tamara uses multiple methods when tutoring and has developed particular methodologies using games and other multi sensory learning methods to ensure her lessons are a positive experience for her students by acknowledging their learning styles. Tamara also sets up a time-management plan for the Secondary students to help her them stay ahead in manageable blocks.

She lives in the St Clair area and tutors from Mount Druitt and throughout the Greater Penrith districts.

Anne Cuthill

Anne Cuthill

Pre school – Year 3 Literacy
Pre school – Year 3 Mathematics

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Anne Cuthill is a teacher with a background in Early Childhood, and who spent the first 17 years of her career working in schools from Kindergarten to Year 6. She is passionate about Literacy (especially Children’s Literature) which she believes is the key to learning. Anne knows that if there is a strong background in the basics of spelling, reading, writing, punctuation, and grammar the child is freed up to learn anything, anytime, and can put that knowledge to effective use. Anne has also worked as an Early Childhood Educator with a programme based around Literacy.
Anne is married with two children (both teenagers) whom she educates at home via Distance Education. She lives in the Penrith area, and tutors anywhere in the Penrith District and Lower Mountains.


Wesley Kington

English, Societies & Culture, Modern History and Mathematics from Years 7-10.
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Wesley Kington is studying a Master of Teaching degree in Secondary Education at Western Sydney University, and tutors English, Societies & Culture, Modern History and Mathematics from Years 7-10. A Western Sydney alumnus, he also holds a Bachelor of Communications (Hons) degree in Media Arts and has extensive professional experience working in the media and publishing industries.

He is affable and passionate about the pursuit of knowledge and broadening understanding of theory and practice. Wesley thoroughly believes in the value of quality educational mentoring and the fundamental impact it can have on students throughout schooling and later on in their careers. Students are more likely to function well in and respond positively to an enriching, individualised learning environment. To that end, Wesley longs to partner with each student by focusing on their strengths and using them to build upon areas requiring further development. It is his aim to engage students with content and material in order to bring out the best in their abilities so they can find their studies fulfilling.

Wesley is from western Sydney and is available for tutoring in Penrith and Glenmore Park areas.


Jean-Pierre de Villiers

Primary Mathematics, Secondary Mathematics 7-9
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Jean-Pierre de Villiers qualified with a B.Com Business Degree inSports Management in 2007. He then went on to complete a PGCE Degree in Education and has been teaching since 2008. He majored in Business Economics and Social Studies. He taught an array of subjects including Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Geography, Economics and Physical Education at both Primary and High school levels. He is in his final semester of his Honours degree in Marketing Management. Jean-Pierre specialises in teaching Mathematics for years 5 to 8 and focuses on helping the students to catch up any backlogs they may have in their learning as well as pushing them to develop their Mathematical and other learning skills to the best of their ability. Jean-Pierre lives in the South Penrith area and can tutor students in the Western Suburbs.
Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. – Benjamin Franklin

Kate Ticehurst

Infants/Primary,  Secondary English 7- Advanced HSC,  Mathematics  7-  General HSC,  PDHPE
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Kate Ticehurst began tutoring in 2016 and loves sharing her passion for learning with her students. She is enthusiastic about helping students to build their confidence in their studies. Kate tutors in HSC General Mathematics, PDHPE and both Standard and Advanced English. She is also happy to tutor primary and junior high school students in a range of subjects.

Kate is currently studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science at the University of Sydney and plans to complete a Master of Physiotherapy or Dietetics following her undergraduate studies. Kate has a passion for sport and has participated in many years of basketball, netball and athletics.
Kate lives in the Lower Mountains and tutors in the Lower Mountains and Penrith areas.

Emily Peace

English (Years 3-10/Year 11-12 Standard and Advanced), English Extension 1, Ancient History/Modern History, Extension History, Studies of Religion, Music
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Emily Peace is 26 years old and currently studying at the Australian Institute of Music (Bachelor of Music majoring in Contemporary Performance), with plans to begin her Masters of Secondary Education in 2018. She has varied interests, ranging from the Creative Arts (Music and Photography) through to English and History based pursuits, including genealogy and reading just about anything. Emily was that child who used to read encyclopedias just for fun!

Upon the completion of her education degree, Emily will become a fourth generation teacher within her family! Emily is reliable, easy going and loves sharing her passion for learning with others. She believes that building confidence is the key to effective learning and wishes to instill that in her students. Learning shouldn’t have to be boring and Emily is always finding new ways to engage her students in order to achieve results they can be proud of.


Josh Wheeler

Mathematics 7- HSC extension, Physics, Modern History
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Josh Wheeler is currently studying Language and Mathematics at Sydney University. He has a passion for learning and always strives to challenge himself when undertaking new learning experiences. Josh tutors a variety of subjects including Mathematics and Physics for which he has particular interests and skills. He aims to share his passion with the students he tutors by helping them to develop an appreciation for the subject and guide them to build self confidence in order to ultimately gain a deeper understanding for concepts learned. In doing so Josh focuses on building good relationships with his students by taking time to learn their strengths and weaknesses and providing them with the necessary tools to tackle learning as a self-driven process. Using this model, he is able to give students the means to improve learning outcomes.

Josh currently lives in Emu Plains and tutors in the Lower Blue Mountains and Penrith area

Danuta Paxton

Primary Literacy,  Secondary Mathematics 7-9, Secondary English  7- Advanced HSC
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My name is Danuta. I was born and educated in England, graduating from Cambridge University where I studied Modern and Medieval Languages. I have taught in Italy, Portugal and Poland, in England and in Australia.

I tutor students who wish to improve in English, particularly HSC, but I also enjoy tutoring Maths up to and including year 10. I believe that each student is unique; each has their own way of learning and level of development, but each and every student is capable of learning. Unfortunately in today’s large classrooms the individual student’s needs may be overlooked. However, with one on one tutoring the student’s needs are more likely to be met; gaps in learning can be identified and addressed and the student can be guided to make meaningful connections between what he or she already knows and new information.

For me there is no better satisfaction than when a student learns to make connections thus broadening their web of knowledge.

I have been tutoring with Nepean Tutoring since 2012 and have found it a very rewarding experience. I have recently started tutoring on-line via Skype and Google Drive. On-line tutoring allows for greater flexibility and availability and has proved very successful with both young students and high-school students.

Rosa Visciano

Rosa Visciano

Primary Literacy and Mathematics, Secondary English and Mathematics, Creative writing, Special Learning Needs, Support in Tertiary Studies.
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Rosa Visciano brings a wealth of experience to her role as a tutor. She has over 30 years experience in the education industry, initially as a Primary School Teacher and has taught and tutored children from Primary to HSC levels. She has a particular interest in English Literacy, Essay Writing, the Language needs of children from bilingual-bicultural backgrounds, Art and Historical Studies. She is available to tutor in all Primary subjects and most subjects in Secondary School and Tertiary Education requiring Literacy support and essay writing.

In addition, Rosa’s work extends to children and youth with learning and processing delays. She supports them by increasing their confidence to learn and their personal awareness of how they learn and provides them with strategies that best suit the student’s individual learning needs.

In 2010 Rosa became a certified Master NLP (neuro-lingistic programming) practitioner and trainer. Over the last seven years she has specifically worked with children and youth to lessen problems in anxiety and depression working as a mentor and workshop facilitator.

Rosa lives in the Hawkesbury area and teachers throughout the Hawkesbury, Greater Penrith areas and Lower Mountains.

Alana Hearne

Alana Hearne

Mathematics and English Years 5-10
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Throughout her senior years in Secondary school Alana spent one to two hours weekly tutoring Years Eight and Year Nine Mathematics and English. This experience gave her valuable tools on how to focus on the fundamental topics of both subjects. As a student at Western Sydney University, Alana was immersed in the Peer Assisted Study Session which involved providing academic assistance to her peers and classmates in order to mentor them in their studies. In this role, she focused mainly on Mathematics; a subject for which she is talented in and passionate about.

Alana is currently a High Distinction average student studying Electrical Engineering, with a sub-major in Biomedical Engineering, at Western Sydney University. She has continued to participate in to help her fellow students understand difficult content and excel in their studies. Due to her own success as a student she has developed the ability to break difficult concepts down to core components and communicate these in a simple and understandable manner.

Alana lives in the St. Marys region and is available to tutor throughout Western Sydney.

Rebecca Castor

Secondary Mathematics to Extension 1
PDHPE, Physics, Chemistry, HSC Advanced English
English/Literacy Years 3-10

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Rebecca Castor is a university student who is currently studying a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. She has always had a a passion for learning and is a wonderful role model for young people struggling to manage the demands of a challenging work load at school. She has privately tutored primary and high school students over the last 2 years and loves the joy that comes from a student mastering a new concept or skill. Rebecca completed Physics, Chemistry, English Advanced, Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1 and PDHPE in the HSC and is available to tutor all of these subjects, as well as English and Mathematics in the younger years.

Rebecca brings a mature approach to her role as a tutor and works hard to build very positive relationships with her students in order to be an encouragement and mentor to them as they work through their studies. She has a particular passion for Mathematics where she has a talent to break work down into smaller concepts to teach show students the methods required to tackle more difficult areas of this subject area.;

Rebecca lives in the Emu Plains area and tutors in the Penrith, Emu Plains and Lower Mountains.

Belinda Frater

Belinda Frater

Mathematics 7-10. History to HSC
Primary Literacy and Mathematics
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Belinda is a diligent, hardworking and enthusiastic tutor. She is currently studying secondary education at the University of Notre Dame specialising in Mathematics and History. Even though studying secondary education, Belinda is more than capable to cater for the needs of primary school aged students for both Mathematics and Literacy. Belinda loves to see her students’ abilities improve as well as helping to reach her students’ goals. Studying education, Belinda knows how to accommodate for all learning abilities and the commitment this entails so her students can reach their full potential.

Belinda lives in Bullaburra in the Blue Mountains and is available to tutor the Mid/Lower Mountains and Emu Plains area.

Martin Scott

Martin Scott

General Mathematics 7-Advanced HSC Mathematics
Chemistry, Physics, Biology

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Martin Scott is currently working on his PHD in the area of Biomedical Science at the University of Technology Sydney. He is an experienced tutor who offers a broad understanding for the different ways students learn and approach their studies. He believes that the ability to gain a confident understanding for concepts is at the heart of tutoring. This is achieved by the way Martin breaks concepts down into manageable areas of understanding. Martin believes that building a positive rapport with his students is the first step to successful tutoring.  He is a very patient tutor who enjoys seeing students improve, to enjoy learning and to fulfill their potential.

Martin lives in the Lower Mountains and tutors in Penrith and the Lower and Mid Mountains.

Hanli Botha

Hanli Botha

Primary Literacy, Secondary English, Essay Writing, Creative Writing, Biology, Music.
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Hanli holds a Bachelor of Social Science in nursing which include training in general nursing, midwifery, community nursing and mental health. She obtained her Bachelor of Music (Performance – classical guitar) in 2014 and completed her B. Mus. – Honours in 2015. She is currently busy with her PhD in music and is currently working within the health industry as a registered nurse. She has an extensive knowledge base of the health system and has fifteen years of experience working with people of all walks of life. Her ongoing contributions in the workforce include education of the general public and nursing students. She is a freelance creative and academic writer, she composes experimental music and her first novel is being edited and is to be published in due course. Hanli has a passion for music, music history, and contemporary 21st century classical music. She is passionate in helping others to become knowledgeable and skilled in their own right and is an approachable individual with great energy to share with others.

Sanjeev Sivapragasam

Sanjeev Sivapragasam

Mathematics 7-12,  English 7-10, HSC Legal Studies
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Sanjeev is a third year student at the University of New South Wales, completing a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Media double degree. Sanjeev has a business mind and this makes him the go-to-tutor for the HSC Business Studies course. He has an extensive knowledge of the current syllabus and the strategies needed to succeed in the HSC exams. Sanjeev also has a passion for mathematics and he brings this love of numbers to his tutoring of high school Maths. He enjoys solving problems and makes learning mathematics an enjoyable experience for his students. Sanjeev looks to guides students through their work, but gives them a sense of independence and encourages them to think for themselves. He understands the specific needs of each of his students and tailors his sessions accordingly.

In addition, Sanjeev is quite capable of tutoring high school English and HSC Legal Studies and is able to tutor right across the Penrith region.

I have also just had my identity confirmed for my Working With Children Check.

Mary Fekos

Mary Fekos

English Year 7-HSC advanced,
Primary Literacy and Mathematics years 3-6

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Mary Fekos is a qualified teacher who completed her Master’s of Teaching in 2016 (Secondary) majoring in English. She has a passion for literature and writing and prior to her entry into the realm of education completed a Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Journalism) at the University of Technology, Sydney. Mary strongly believes it is her role as a teacher to develop rapport with her students and instil a strong sense of self confidence – building each child up to aspire and achieve their full potential. Furthermore, she employs a flexible teaching style to cater to the individual and diverse needs of her students. Although majoring in English, Mary is able to teach multiple subject areas and is willing to take on students from Mid-Primary through to year 12. Mary is available to tutor in the Greater Penrith District.
Jacqueline Gilchrist

Jacqueline Gilchrist

Mathematics to Year 8

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Jacqueline Gilchrist’s teaching career began with a Graduate Diploma in Expressive Therapies where she developed creative workshops in painting and drawing and art therapy sessions focusing on expressing emotions through art.  Her love for teaching in these areas, and with children in particular, led her to complete a Masters Degree in Teaching and a career firstly in the  Early Childhood area and finally as Primary Teacher which she has been pursuing for the past three years.

Jacqueline brings a wealth of other experiences through her creative work in art and film making and also in the finance and the medical industries. These experiences have shaped her career as a teacher to be adaptable, intuitive, understanding toward the different interests and talents of her students and to have arrived at a career that she loves.

Jacqueline lives in the Lower Mountains and tutors in the Mountains and Penrith areas.

Rachel Lawendy

Rachel Lawendy

Primary Literacy, Mathematics K-3, Secondary English 7-10.
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Rachel Lawendy is currently undertaking her Masters of Teaching at Western Sydney University.  She has a love for English and Literacy the the extent that she studied Children’s Fiction and Writing independently and plans on writing children’s fiction after completing her studies. She has worked with children since she graduated from school in both academic and sporting environments. Rachel wants children to see that learning can be a fun and exciting adventure. She understands that all children have different learning styles and aims to cater to their learning style whilst positively encouraging them and lifting their self esteem. Rachel is able to tutor from Kindergarten to Year 10 for English and Literacy and Mathematics from Kindergarten to Year 3.
Christopher Peil

Christopher Peil

Mathematics 7-10
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Christopher Peil is a distinction average, student at Western Sydney University, majoring in Electrical Engineering and sub-majoring in Biomedical Engineering.

Chris possesses the ability to communicate well and has been involved with the Peer Assisted Study Sessions at university, to which he has gained his passion for teaching students individually to excel in their education.

Whilst subjected to the hardships of misunderstanding and struggling with educational concepts as they were being taught in his years at school, he solely overcame educational hurdles to reach scholastic comprehension and appreciation. Subsequently, he is enthusiastic to be a source of assistance for other students experiencing similar academic obstacles.

Chris is a firm believer of friendly positive reinforcement and learning from past mistakes. As a student engineer, he has developed an understanding that mistakes do not equate to failure, instead they serve as a stepping stone to improvement and future achievements.

Thus, his teaching style applies these ideals to create a learning environment where students feel comfortable and have confidence within themselves to learn and excel without the fear of failure hindering their endeavors.

Chris is available to tutor all students located within western suburbs of Sydney.

Antoni Dimitriadis

Antoni Dimitriadis

Preliminary and HSC Mathematics, Maths Extension 1, and Maths Extension 2, but can also tutor 7-10.
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Antoni Dimitriadis is a full time student currently studying combined Electrical Engineering and Pure Mathematics at the University of New South Wales. He has had a strong interest in maths from a very young age, and believes it is important to build a deep understanding of concepts in order to tackle difficult problems. Antoni has been tutoring since he completed his own HSC studies in 2014. He specialises in preliminary and HSC Mathematics, Maths Extension 1, and Maths Extension 2, but can also tutor 7-10.

Antoni lives in Blaxland and is available to tutor in the Lower Blue Mountains and Penrith area.

Megan Bromley

Megan Bromley

Infants/primary Literacy and Numeracy
English and Maths Years 7-8

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Megan Bromley recently completed her HSC and had received an early offer to study her Bachelor of Primary Education at the University of Notre Dame. She was encouraged by her teachers at school to become a teacher due to involvement with young children at school ( Penrith Anglican College) and her eagerness to see them grow and succeed. Megan worked hard to exceed her goals at school and brings this quality into her role as a tutor. She has a gentle nature but also understands that consistent hard work and a love for learning are necessary to build confidence in her students.

Megan has a particular interest in Martial Arts which has participated in since 2008. She currently teacher children aged from four to ten years of age and also competed at the Martial Arts World Championships in Korea for Haidong Gumbo in 2015 competes a state level every year for the Australian Nationals in Brisbane or Sydney.

Megan lives in Glenmore park and available to teach throughout the Penrith area, Lower Mountains and surround St Marys suburbs.

Kerry Toomey - Paulson

Natasha Spry

Infants/ Primary Literacy and Numeracy
Special Ed, Information Technology
Secondary English and Maths 7-9

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Natasha Spry has a Bachelor of Education and has enjoyed 25 years of successful classroom teaching. She has a passion to support students to reach their individual goals and potential at school by engaging them in meaningful programs of learning.  This might include the use of games, puzzles and technology where her aim is to provide each student with a series of appropriate lessons aimed at their interests so that learning, while based on the current curriculum requirements, is designed to promote success. Natasha likes to incorporate a reward system into her teaching philosophy so that students’ work is valued. She believes these strategies support her students to develop confidence in their ability and skills and to give them a sense of accomplishment.

Natasha has worked across the Sydney and Blue Mountains areas with students from Kindergarten to Year Ten in a variety of schools and roles. This has given her an up-to-date knowledge of best practice in current education including assessment and programming that provide meaningful teaching and learning experiences for each student. She has had extensive training in innovative ways to teach reading, writing, language, grammar, spelling, maths and technology along with experience working with students with special needs such as those with Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD as well as students requiring extension programs for the gifted and talented. In addition, Natasha has a solid understanding for the issues of Dyslexia for students with this specific reading problem. Natasha’s role as a mentor to young teachers is noted along with her ability to develop and deliver educational programs to other teachers.

Natasha lives in the Lower Mountains and tutors throughout the mountains and Greater Penrith areas.

Carol Gooch

Carol Gooch

HSC Mathematics
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Carol Gooch’s experience as an educator spans over many years and she holds a Bachelor of Science with Honours.  She has worked as a university faculty tutor in the areas of Mathematics and Computer Science and has additionally  taught a number of subject areas in a variety of contexts.  She is an accomplished piano teacher and music educator who runs music groups for young adults with disabilities.

Carol brings maturity to her tutoring from these range of tutoring experiences. Her passion lies in  sharing her gifts in Mathematics to HSC students to see them achieve their goals in this often overwhelming area of learning.

Carol lives in Penrith is available to teacher in the Greater Penrith area.

Antoni lives in Blaxland and is available to tutor in the Lower Blue Mountains and Penrith area.

Johanna Wilson

Johanna Wilson

Infants/Primary Literacy and Numeracy
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Johanna Wilson is currently studying a Bachelor or Arts and a Bachelor of Teaching. She has a particular interest in English where she completed the Extension 1 course for her HSC in 2013. She believes that education enables individuals to not only obtain skills, but to better appreciate and utilise the world around them. Johanna is excited to be given opportunities to work with students and share her personal love for learning.

Johanna has had a variety of teaching experiences throughout her practicums at local Secondary schools and during her role as a tutor.  This extends to working in a special learning unit as well as working in mainstream classrooms and with individual students.

Johanna lives in the mid mountains and tutors in both the mid and lower mountains suburbs.

Mary Baky

Mary Baky

Infants, Primary Literacy and Mathematics
Secondary English, Mathematics 7 – HSC General

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Mary Baky completed her Bachelor of Education (Primary) at the Australian Catholic University.  She has had  long standing passion to work with children to improve their Literacy and Mathematics skills in order to help them flourish in everyday life, now and in the future. She believes that tutoring should be relevant to the child’s life for engagement for learning and to challenge their abilities. Mary has always been an avid reader and particularly loves children’s literature which she uses to not only teach Literacy but also in Mathematics, Science, History and more.

Mary has had experience working with a variety of children with special learning needs and backgrounds in whole class, small group and individual settings.

Mary lives in the Mount Druitt area and is available to tutor in the Mount Druitt, St Marys and greater Penrith regions.

Wendy Higgins

Wendy Higgins

Secondary Visual Arts & Design & Technology
Primary Literacy and Numeracy and
Junior Secondary Mathematics and English

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Wendy Higgins has enjoyed over thirty years teaching experience as a Secondary Visual Arts & Design & Technology teacher as well as working as an accomplished Special Education teacher in the Primary and Secondary settings. Her experience and love for teaching younger students who are struggling with Numeracy and Literacy is also a feature of her expertise.

Her extensive teaching experience has always been based on establishing positive relationships with her students, diagnosing their specific needs & capabilities and pitching teaching content to meet them at their level. Wendy brings a compassionate approach towards teaching her students and understands the many challenges they can face when learning at school. She is particularly accomplished at establishing mutual trust and respect and engaging students in learning activities that meet their interests and learning styles. In Wendy’s own words ” I break the cycle of learning hopelessness and enable my students to achieve success”.

Garry Barbuto

Garry Barbuto

Secondary Mathematics to Year 12 advanced
Secondary Physics.

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Garry Barbuto has taught a variety of subject modalities over many years in the TAFE sector as well as two years lecturing at University of New South Wales. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering,  a Masters Degree in Physics in Renewable Energy,  a Grad Dip in Education, Cert IV in Training & Assessment and Cert IV in Carbon Management. He has taught in the areas of Electrical Engineering, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficient Building Design, Sustainability, Mathematics & Physics. This high level of experience deems him to be an accomplished Mathematics and Physics teacher who strives for his students to love learning and the process of discovering their own talents.

Garry believes that Education is the key to changing our world for the better and strives  to communicate this positive philosophy to the students he works with. He also advocates that education provides choices in the lives of his students and for this reason works with them to reach their potential.

Garry lives in the Springwood area and tutors in the Mountains, Hawkesbury and Penrith districts.

Maree Browning

Natasha Vaccari

Primary Literacy and Numeracy Years 4-6
Seondary English to Ext 2, General Maths
Latin, Italian, PDHPE, Ancient History
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Natasha Vaccari studies Latin, Italian and Ancient History at the University of Sydney. She has also completed units of work in English and has a particular interest to tutor Literacy/English from Primary years to HSC extension 2. Her goal is to achieve an Honours degree in Latin and follow this with a Master’s degree in Teaching.  In her own words, Natasha “completely understands what is required when it comes to students achieving their personal best at school and hopes to be able to guide students to achieve the result they deserve for their hard work”.  Natasha’s own achievements across a range of disciplines at school is evidence of her ability to be an excellent role model and mentor for the students she tutors.
Natasha attributes her success to loving what you do and aspires to impart this belief to the learning programs she presents to students. She is a very engaging young lady who seeks to demonstrate how it is possible to follow your dreams and and have fun in the process. An appropriate example of this is her personal achievements in the field of soccer where she was Captain of her first grade team which saw her develop important leadership skills, not only in her achievements with soccer but in all aspects of her work and academic life.
Natasha lives in the Lower Mountains and tutors in the Mountains and Penrith area.

ntains and Emu Plains areas.

Rebecca Dalton

Rebecca Dalton

HSC Chemistry
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Rebecca Dalton has an Honours Degree in Chemistry, a Diploma in Education (Secondary Science) and a PhD in Chemistry Education. She has taught HSC Chemistry, and has extensive experience teaching first-year Chemistry laboratory classes and tutorials at Western Sydney University. Rebecca has a thorough understanding of the difficulties students experience learning Chemistry. She uses a range of strategies to develop and deepen understanding. Rebecca has also taught high school Mathematics. She is currently a stay-at-home Mum to her three beautiful children, and enjoys helping them develop their numeracy, literacy, science and artistic skills.

Rebecca is available to tutor Mathematics (Years 7-10) and Chemistry (HSC, university preparation, first year university). Rebecca tutors in the Greater Penrith area and the Lower Blue Mountains.

Samantha Millett

Samantha Millett

Mathematics – Year 4 to HSC Advanced
Junior Science

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Samantha Millett has  completed accelerated Advanced Mathematics at Blaxland High School recently with a final mark of 98/100 last year. She has a genuine passion for all things Mathematical and continues to extend her success  into her Extension 1 and 2 Maths in her current final HSC year.  She has chosen to tutor students from Year four to HSC in Mathematics with the intention to impart not only her knowledge, but her genuine love for this learning area.

In addition, Samantha has achieved great success in Physics, Chemistry and Engineering in her senior studies and would enjoy tutoring junior students in Science. She also work voluntarily as a Youth Development instructor in the Australian Air Force Cadets which has taught her and understanding for being an effective teacher.

Samantha lives in the Lower Mountains and is available to tutor in Penrith, Emu Plains and the Lower Mountains.

Tasnim Chowdhure

Tasnim Chowdhure

Biology, Chemistry, Junior Science.
Mathematics 7-9

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Tasnim Chowdhure is studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Science degree at the University of Sydney Technology. She has a passion for the Biological Sciences and is also a competent tutor of Chemistry. Tasnim seeks to impart her enjoyment of Science to junior Secondary students so they gain a solid grounding in the sciences in preparation for their senior year’s of study.

She presently tutors at university in the area of Chemistry and cell biology and genetics; subjects in which she strives to personally excel in due to her ambition to work in the Science research field.

Tasnim is an excellent role model for Secondary students due to her high success in her HSC and her current application to her studies and Scientific research.

She lives in the Penrith area and is available to tutor in the Greater Penrith, Mount Druitt and St Marys areas.

Jack Seeds

Jack Seeds

English – Year 7 to HSC Advanced, Modern History
Mathematics – Years 7 – 10
Primary/infants Literacy and Numeracy

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Jack Seeds is studying his Masters of Primary Teaching at Western Sydney University. Although he has completed a Bachelor or Journalism at the University of Technology, Sydney with great success, he changed his chosen career to teaching, after deciding to follow his desire to impart his knowledge and skills about effective learning to others. This decision was also influenced following two years of tutoring across a range of learning areas, where he discovered a new niche to express his talents.  Jack has a passion for History and English, and encourages all of his students to love the subject they’re studying. He tutors students of all ages, and cultivates a unique relationship with each student with the goal to help support them through any challenges they’re facing at school.

Jack has experience working with young students learning to read and write, middle year students wanting to improve their English and Mathematics outcomes to older students preparing for the HSC. His heart felt desire to be a role model to other students led him to Nepean Tutoring, where he hopes to gain more experience tutoring students all around the Penrith area.

Jack lives in the Penrith area and tutors in the Great Penrith region, Lower Mountains and St Marys region.
Maree Browning

Maree Browning

Pre School – Infants
Primary 3 – 4

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Maree Browning is a qualified Child Care Worker and has worked with children aged birth to 18 years for nine years in a variety of settings including long daycare, youth centres and privately as a Nanny and tutor. Maree spends time working in partnership with families and children to develop fun and age appropriate programs to aid with their developmental milestones and learning.

Maree currently works with adults who have cognitive challenges where her she focuses on developing their skills in Literacy as well as understanding varying concepts related to their studies in general.

As an accomplished circus performer, and now an instructor, Maree brings a lovely diversity to the business. Her skills as a circus instructor have provided her with different approaches to teach students with varying teaching and learning styles, thus she has an understanding for the learner as a unique individual.

Maree lives in the Springwood area and tutors in the Lower Mountains and Emu Plains areas.

Thank you for the assistance with Jemima over the past 18 months. Her time with both Callum this year and Apsem last has been invaluable and I would highly recommend your services for efficiency and professionalism.

Brett - 2017   

I would like to thank Nepean Tutoring for providing such a good quality tutor for my daughter. Antoni was always professional, on time and provided clear explanations to assist in her understanding.

Susana D'Ermilio   

Our son Jacob has been tutored by Robert Tribbia of Nepean Tutoring since the beginning of this year and we are so thrilled with his progress. He was very nervous about being in year 11 and concerned he would struggle with the workload. Meeting with Robert twice a week has helped him stay on track with assignments and be very well prepared for his exams. Robert's broad subject expertise, patience and ability to ascertain the right amount of assistance for Jacob has been integral to his success. We would thoroughly recommend Robert and Nepean Tutoring to anyone looking for specialised or general assistance for their child.

Sharon & Shaun Cameron-Lee Sept. 2016   

After and exhaustive search, I found Nepean Tutoring; Ros listened and understood our needs. The tutor my boys were allocated is experienced, well suited to their requirements, communicates very well with us and has had a very positive impact on their education. We could not be happier with the result.


We are very pleased with the services provided by Nepean Tutoring. Steven Birkett has tutored our son for the past six months. Our son's confidence and self belief in his Mathematical understanding has grown significantly. He has gained skills and knowledge to set relevant, achievable learning goals. Steven is reliable and punctual and always willing to listen to our concerns. We highly recommend Nepean Tutoring.

Anne and Troy   

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful service at Nepean Tutoring. Both Tutors which have come out to help Olivia have been lovely and a great match to her personality. They have been both friendly and professional. The tutoring they have given has been extremely successful and I will not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone.

Kylie Newton   

My son reluctantly commenced tutoring late 2014. He is 14 and thinks it’s more important to focus on football rather than school studies. From the moment we met Ashlea we knew she was a perfect match. She has the ability to communicate clearly and encourage our son to believe in himself. His grades are improving and now shows interest in his tutoring sessions. Ashlea has a beautiful personality and I am grateful she has come into our lives.

Belinda Jennings   

My daughter has been getting tutoring for 18 months now and we have found the tutors to be very professional, flexible and knowledgeable. My daughters concentration and results have improved since we begun at the beginning of 2015. I would highly recommend Nepean Tutoring and its brought the stress levels in our house down with struggling to get my daughter to do homework.

Melissa Cox   

My daughters have both received tutoring in maths through Nepean Tutoring. The service that we received was exceptional – the tutors chosen specifically for the individual needs of our daughters. Ros was a huge part of our decision to go with Nepean Tutoring, she was attentive, a wealth of information, and I felt that she was genuinely interested in the needs we had. Ros was always available to us to discuss future needs or changes, and she worked with us to achieve the outcomes we desired. The tutors were always punctual, professional and kind – highly recommended!


Mrs. Giles has been a fantastic tutor throughout my HSC biology year, providing not only her extensive wisdom and experts within the tutoring session, but practical knowledge that has helped me to prepare for the exams and life after the HSC within biology.

Mrs Giles always found time within her busy schedule to answer my questions, no matter the time of day, and helped by providing her extensive knowledge from years within the field that swiftly answered all my questions (no matter how terrible they were). Furthermore, Mrs. Giles provided me with many resources, past papers and anything else that I needed to help me prepare for my exams which have helped me significantly over the past year. These resources, as well as her ability to convey complex biological points in a way that I could understand have resulted in my improved understanding of biology, and highness marks within each examination.

Thank you for the amazing work you have done this year, and I wish you the best for your future.

Christian Foley-Brown   

My son Aiden has been tutored in HSC mathematics for the last year and a half, with Paul Geier. Paul has so much knowledge and patience . Paul has encouraged Aiden and helped Aiden gain his confidence back, at such a pivotal time in his life. His dedication to Aiden and helping him reach his goals was more than what we had hoped for. We are very happy with Aidens results. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Paul and Ros for their dedication to Aiden , We highly recommend Nepean Tutoring to anyone who needs a little extra help with their studies . You will find Ros and her team go the extra mile for your children.

Tina Mitchell   

We are very pleased with the services provided by Nepean Tutoring. Steven has tutored our son for the past six months. Our son's confidence and self belief in his mathematical understanding has grown significantly. He has gained skills and knowledge to set relevant, achievable learning goals. Steven is reliable and punctual and is always willing to listen to our concerns. We highly recommend Nepean Tutoring.

Anne and Troy Mathison   

My three children have worked with the team at Nepean Tutoring for over a year now and have really come a long way reaching many personal goals and school achievements. Thanks to all of you for you continued work.


I was referred to Nepean Tutoring by a friend who was really happy with the service they provided. Nepean Tutoring is operated in an organised and professional manner. Ros is friendly and supportive and keeps the lines of communication open with regular emails or texts. The online payment option is so handy. Shaun has been tutoring my son for some time and is an excellent role model for him. Shaun knows his maths, is friendly and reliable, providing clear and straightforward guidance in a relaxed and informal manner. Shaun is someone that can relate easily to teenagers and can also inspire teenagers. My son enjoys his tutoring, his knowledge and understanding of the subject has improved so much. He has even referred Shaun and Nepean Tutoring to school friends.

Ronelle Kidd   

The best thing about Nepean Tutoring was the fact that they allowed me to choose the tutor that would best suit my child. I wanted the option to choose someone who I knew my child would respond and relate to the best. Ros from Nepean tutoring achieved that perfectly by placing us with the tutor that she did. I have the flexibility to choose which ever topic or area we feel the boys need most and the tutor’s provides exceptional tutoring in all areas. Carlo is never late, he is super polite and well worth the money spent to ensure the boys stay on top academically.

I was recommended Nepean Tutoring and I would definitely further recommend Nepean Tutoring.


When I completed my HSC in 2014, Carmen was my tutor for Modern History and Society and Culture. Through an incredibly stressful year of schooling, Carmen helped me with anything I needed. She was always willing to help, and we would regularly text to make sure I was up to date, and if anything in particular needed to be focused on for the weekly tutoring session.

For Society and Culture, the Personal Interest Project (PIP) is a compulsory research task which can be up to 5,000 words, and is worth 40% of my overall mark. I can say I would not have been able to present such a thoroughly researched project without her! It was a relief being able to have a helping hand throughout the process.

Carmen also tutored me for Modern History, and had previously studied one of my topics at university, and was incredibly helpful for a subject which had such a high content level. It was an overwhelming subject, however by the end of the year I had improved my marks by over 20%.

My other topic in Modern History she had not previously studied, however each week she would come to tutoring having researched and learned the entire syllabus dot point for that week, and would supply her own topic tests for me to do as a review. I was very grateful to have a tutor willing to put in so much effort for my benefit.

I received high band five’s in both subjects and the tutoring was essential to those marks. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who is struggling in these subjects!

Erin O'Toole   

Our daughter (year 5) is being tutored by Rowena this year in maths. Rowena has been great with Chloe, she takes the time to explain the work in a way she understands. As a result of Rowena’s encouragement and help,Chloe has become more confident with her studies and this is now being reflected at school. I am very happy to recommend Nepean Tutoring.

Fiona Collins   

Paul Geier has tutored my daughter for the HSC this year. I am very happy with the progress she has made. Paul is a patient and understanding teacher who has given confidence back to my daughter at this important stage of her education.


I contacted Ros through Nepean Tutoring because I felt that both of my children needed some assistance with learning. We were put in touch with Rowena who spent the first 6 months of this year helping my 15 year old daughter with maths. By mid year reports, our daughter had improved greatly & was offered an opportunity to go up to the next maths level at school.

Rowena has spent the latter 6 months of this year helping my 12 year old son. For a boy who was very popular with peers and talented in sports, he struggled with concentration and confidence in the classroom. He has really benefited and enjoyed this ‘one on one’ learning opportunity. His whole attitude towards maths and learning in general has improved greatly, to the point where he has been asking his school teacher to send him up to the next maths level. Recently he was very excited to come home and share with us that he had gone up to that next level.

I plan on staying with Nepean Tutoring throughout my son’s high school years because he has benefited so greatly from not only having a tutor to help him with his learning but particularly Rowena’s patience and determination throughout their sessions has made such a difference in his attitude and ability with schooling in general. He has gone from being a child who experienced anxiety and frustration throughout his schooling years to become someone who really does believe he can do it!

Jo Power   

My son Mitchell has been tutored in HSC English for the past year and we are extremely happy with Danuta his tutor. With her easy to understand, friendly approach to teaching, and in a one on one learning environment, Mitchell relates very well to her & feels very positive towards his learning, which is already a huge improvement in him. He’s actually enjoying & understanding poetry for the first time, which is very surprising to us. Danuta has also been very flexible with tutoring days & times, on the odd occasion that sickness or other issues have come up, which has been very helpful.We are also very satisfied with Ros’ prompt responses to any issues we’ve had, and her efforts to find the right Tutors & timetables to suit both of my children, are greatly appreciated. Nepean Tutoring is a very professional company & I would highly recommend them.


Ros has been tutoring my son for the past year so he could keep pace in the classroom. Ros has a great insight into what he needs to fill gaps in his learning. She has really creative ideas to keep him interested and he always looks forward to his tutoring sessions. One of the most positive aspects of her tutoring is that he enjoys his homework and is happy to try hard rather than give a mediocre effort. Highly recommended.


“When Connor initially commenced tutoring earlier this year, Ros quickly identified the areas that Connor was struggling with. We have seen a huge improvement in Connor’s writing, particularly sounding out words as he writes them and Ros has provided tools to assist in Connor’s handwriting. Being left handed made it difficult for us to effectively assist with his handwriting.

Connor’s reading was at a level 3 when we engaged Ros and it is now at a level 6, however we have seen a big difference in the types of books he now reads compared to the beginning of the year. Ros has helped Connor to develop with blended sounds and we have seen an increase in Connor’s confidence when he is reading. Ros re-visits areas that Connor has not completely understood. Ros applies different techniques to get the best from Connor including visual clues, getting him to listen to how she pronounces words for him to spell and many other assorted activities to ensure that Connor remains interested. Ros is extremely patient and responsive to Connor’s needs. This is very re-assuring for us – we recently approached the school and they explained that his reading isn’t great but not bad enough to be included in the reading programs they have at the school. Ros is doing for us what the school can’t.

More importantly, Ros provides us with techniques to assist in Connor’s development and also explains what she is trying to achieve when she is completing a task with him. She always answers our questions and clarifies with us to ensure we are happy with the progress that Connor is making.

Overall, we are extremely happy with Ros and her approach to teaching and Connor looks forward to her coming each week.”

Rod and Karen   

Thank you for your service this year, Sean has been fabulous in getting Peter up to date with his maths and has provided him with good advice with regards to study.


Thank you for arranging Justin to tutor Lachlan and Rhiannon. I am very happy with both their half yearly maths results, Lachlan achieved 95.3% and Rhiannon 98.8%. Many thanks to Justin for his professional manner and expertise. He was great with both the kids – highly recommended.


We have been with Nepean Tutoring for many years and as a busy working mum have loved the process of being matched with a tutor who can come to my house and offer one on one support. I have always entrusted Ros’s judgement for picking the right tutor and she has matched my son with two amazing tutors that have seen him excel in Maths. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nepean Tutoring.

Alicia Gillard   

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