We aim to create independent learners who are equipped to face their learning journey with confidence, curiosity and enjoyment.

Our tutors have developed innovative methods of teaching in their fields of expertise which will assist students to reach their academic potential.

Home Tutoring

One on One tutoring is one of the most effective methods of teaching, as it provides immediate feedback, helps students learn away from the distractions of a a busy classroom and allows them to tackle learning challenges in a non-threatening environment.

We aim to place students with the most appropriate tutor for their needs. Your initial consultation with the Principal will assist us to ensure you receive a quality tutoring service.

Professional Editing and Proofreading

We offer a thorough editing service by our accomplished proof readers who will edit your assignment work for grammatical and spelling errors and make suggestions to improve the quality of the work you submit, Simply contact us on this Email link to connect with one of the team.

You will be contacted and asked to submit your work for editing and we guarantee a 48 hour turn around once your work arrives in our inbox.

Editing fees are $35.00 per 1,000 words.

Nepean Tutoring combines innovative tutoring models along side traditional methods to meet individual learning needs in the following areas.


  • Infants/Primary Literacy tutoring
  • Infants/Primary Numeracy tutoring
  • Secondary subjects
  • Secondary and Tertiary Exam preparation
  • HSC specialists in a large variety of subject areas
  • Essay writing
  • Study skills
  • Early Years creative learning program
  • Educational Consultation
  • Tutoring support for home schooled students
  • Special Educational needs specialists
  • Dyslexia



Nepean Tutoring has responded to the growing need for a multi-faceted approach to tutoring where one tutor has the skills to tutor across a range of subject’s areas. This model works well with Infants/Primary students who may require both Numeracy and Literacy tutoring, assistance with homework and project work and to be a support to parents and carers as they work as a team to improve overall learning outcomes.

We have also found this approach to be crucial for Secondary students who can build a rapport with one tutor. Our skilled tutors may be booked to assist in one learning area but are also capable to provide instruction with editing assignments in other subject areas or provide guidance with the planning of set assignment work. Most Secondary tutors can also teach across more than one learning area.  We encourage you to utilise the full range of skills a tutor brings to their tutoring role.

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