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While Nepean Tutoring has maintained a unique service through one on one home tutoring, our stance to always provide flexible options for tutoring led to online tutoring as a viable option. When two of our tutors moved from the area in 2016, we decided to trial online tutoring to maintain continuity for their HSC students who were facing their exams shortly afterwards. The system of using Skype and google drive worked a treat and has continued to be offered as a tutoring option for English students in particular ever since.

Online Services

Online tutoring did not compromise the quality of tutoring students received, it was simply a different way of learning which proved to be effective and successful. We offer a 30 MINUTE TRIAL lesson to make sure potential students are comfortable with this mode of study and have had a 95% success rate to proceed from the trial. If you are interested in trialing online tutoring please complete the contact form on the Contact Page and give details in the message field.



Editing is one of the most challenging aspects of essay writing. Once the important hours of writing a piece has been completed, the editing process is crucial to submitting a great essay.  Our editing service offers an online option where clients send their work to an expert tutor who will edit their work on google drive and return it in a 48 hour turn around. Fees for editing services are from $30 per 1,000 words. If you are interested in our editing service, please complete the contact form on the Contact page and give details in the message field. We will call you to organise the service for you.



In year 12 my Advanced English tutor Danuta explained to me that she is moving to Western Australia. This came as a shock to me however she assured me that the tutoring can continue via Skype. At first I was a bit sceptical as it was something I have never done before however, after a couple of weeks it just seemed normal to me and felt very easy. Through the use of Skype and google documents we were able to communicate with audio and video about English and work on my assignments together. Google documents allowed us to write on a document and each person could see what the other person was writing. This made it easy to work on pieces together. Skype assisted greatly with this as I was able to talk to Danuta as if I were sitting next to her like it was previously. Overall, Danuta assisted me greatly in my studies and without the use of Skype and google documents I would have lost a great tutor.

Megan Bromley

ex student and current tutor

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